Luftwaffe Supply doctrine needs a buff!

1 year ago

Simply speaking Luftwaffe doctrine is not used at all and it is not used at all becouse it is weaker then other doctrines.

0 CP - Medical supplies, heals and inspiries nearby infantry.
Why do i get this? German infantry already can use med kits on vet 1 (what is also under-used). Inspiration sounds like something. But will that really tip the odds of battle in my favour? Will insirated Panzergrenadiers win with shock-troops? Will grenadeirs gun down british infantry? I doubt any amout of inspration would make it so. Also it is an investment into something that will consue my ammo that i want to spend on equipment for my infantry or mines early game. This ability is not atractive at all. Also i get both healing and inspiration at the same time. If i want to heal i want to stay out of combat so these two conflict with one another.

2 CP - scout plane nothing to talk here, good old reacon.

3 CP - supply drop. - Good ability also.

6 CP - Stuka fire bombs. - This is an intresting one, uniqe for this comander. Here comes another issue. What is this for? With what units or abilities this wotk with? With what this has synergy? It could be droped on some sorry ass AT guns during a battle but... It is not good or not bad but it feels very random, out of place you could tell.

10 CP - Stuka bomb strike - One of the worst airstrikes in game. There is no red flares but a stuka horn insted. Enemy has no clue where the bombs are falling but he has enough time to take a guess and relocate all units or brace denfeces (if british). Units also yell "airstrike!" around area where bomb is ment to fall so aware players can pin point the area where bombs are falling. This ability is extreamly hard to use. It is mostly effective agasit static targets, like structures and ML-20s. Also a note, each try of this airstike costs 200 ammo so each failed bombing is painful to the player and it is very easy to miss. Also this doctrine already gives me stuka fire bombs. I have 2 abilities that are similar and both are very ammo intense.
Wouldn't it be better if i got something that allows me to shine in difrent ways? Maybe insted of stuka bomb strike this doctrine could use something like stuka machinegun sfere (the one from assult support doctrine i am unsure about the name). Maybe this ability could be replace with airstrikes from OKW doctrines (luft, overwatch) since they are much better and jacks of all traits. They both attack infantry and tanks.

What are my sugested changes?

Lets focus up this comander becouse it is all over the place and it is unsure what it want to be about. We open up with medical suplies that i guess is about helping you in early infantry fights.
Then we have supplies drops that want to assume ancourage us to tech up and upgreat our units for excessive manpower. But every manpower spend on that is not manpower spend on early agrresion that we are encourage by previous ability.
At the very end we have 2 airstikes that come a bit late and can't deal a blow big enough to win a game.

We have to make this doctrine to be about something. Is it about early game? late game? Does this is ment to destroy buildings, tanks or infatry? Is it for 2v2?, 4v4? Nobody knows.

Name tells us this is about supply drops. I imagine this comander as something that focuses on droping supplies to our teammates so thier games are easier. Obviously you can drop suppies to yourself. I think that woudl be very friendly in team games and change game for other players so they games are less repetitive.

I sugest replacing medical supplies with "Infantry suppies". I imagine this as something like weapon crates for soviets. Something that pernamently improves or changes your unit. It could be pickable LMG (mg42, mg 34) and single panzershrek. There are many posiblieties. It could alsso drop a medkit and small amout of ammo. There are many posibilites what this could be. Idea is that you drop that and allied infantry can gain improvment. You can pick up LMGs with volks and have a unit that behaves difrently and have something uniqe.

Scout Plane also could be replaced. It suits the doctrine but most german comanders have scout planes or smoke bombs that also work as scouting plane.. Next doctrine ability should also focus on supply drops! When i play osttruppen doctrine i often drop Pak40 to OKW since most players prefer them over raketens. Maybe this ability could be something similar? A set of support weapons. Perhabs a mortar and Pak 40 for a reasonable price and low CP requirments to be dropt early enough before the enemy tanks arrive. I would also include to that a medkit. British have on one of thier doctrine literally the same ability.
Alternativly the plane could drop a weapon crate that is a unit. Player who droped the crate selects what is in crate after fell down and as he selects what is in crate the crate opens up and its contetens are revaled. Mg42, Pak40 or mortar. This way there would be more drops with what we want insted of sea of amabadoned equipment becouse players did want only part of drops.

Supply drops This one is fine, suits the idea well.

Stuka fire bombs - Uniqe ability would be shame to remove it. Maybe a buff is what it needs? Maybe it could deal bonus damage to buildings and fortifications. Maybe it could ignore britush building brace since many wermacht players find british structures very very VERY annoying. Even if the cost would go up, players would be very happy.

Stuka air strike - As said replace this with OKW luft air support so this late game ability helps turn the tides in the finall decisive blow agasit the enemy.

So this is my sugestion and a coment about Luft supply doc. What do you guys think? Maybe you enjoy this doc as it is? Tell me about it!


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    4 months ago
    TobbacosTobbacos Posts: 34

    You are so annoying! 3boxes 30 munitions 1 box is 10 munitions and heals Everyone Infantry AT Guns MG teams much better than medkits and medics they heal slowly.

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