Soviet Airborne - Airborne Guards/Partisan Guards

1 year ago

Soviet Airborne:

1. They lost the most wanted uniqueness for this new commander: Getting Airbone troops anywere on the map
2. "Airborne Guards" were transformed into Partisans with their typical deploy system
3. Limited houses through all maps leave Airborne Guards quite limited for deployment.
4. Soviet Union lost the only offmap smoke ability they were suppose to have
5. Soviet Union lost the only "parachuted" squad they were suppose to have
6. People voted for it and got scamed with something totally different

Posible Solutions:

  1. Revert changes and allow Soviets to have Airborne troops as before
  2. Revert changes and allow Soviets to have offmap smoke ability once again

Note: The best case esceario would be to have Airborne troops getting parachuted, but if not, it is still way better than having them working as "partisans"


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    1 year ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 983

    Makes sense to not have them airdrop. If I recall the Soviets stopped doing air drops quite early on, I think they stopped combat drops in '42.

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    1 year ago

    The Commander was proposed and voted by the community from this game, and Relic offered to implement the winning Commanders into the game. Therefore it should stay that way, as it was what players voted for.
    Your comment is out of context here @Vegna with a poor effort to delay it's comeback.

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    1 year ago

    The Commander was suddenly modified because 2 or 3 players argued that they didn't like how those troops weren't being actually paradropped, so the Mod team decided to simply erase the ability and replace it with an upgraded Partisan Unit #HugeFail

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    1 year ago
    VegnaVegna Posts: 983's not. It makes sense for them to change it. If they felt it had bugs they have the right to change it. I've bought commanders that have had abilities outright removed so a slight change that makes the commander more historically correct is fine.

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    1 year ago

    Historically speaking:

    The Soviet Airborne Troops formed a number of Airborne Corps during World War II.

    Each airborne corps was to have 8020 soldiers in total, armed with:[1]

    4500 semi-automatic rifles (SVT-40)
    1257 submachine guns (PPD-40 and PPSh-41)
    440 light machine guns (DP)
    18 heavy machine guns
    111 50 mm mortars
    21 82 mm mortars
    39 45 mm anti-tank guns
    18 76,2 mm guns
    50 light tanks (T-38 and T-40)
    864 flamethrowers (ROKS)
    241 automobiles

    Initial Airborne Corps:

    • 1st Airborne Corps
    • 2nd Airborne Corps
    • 3rd Airborne Corps
    • 4th Airborne Corps
    • 5th Airborne Corps

    Airborne corps formed after 22 June 1941

    • 6th Airborne Corps
    • 7th Airborne Corps
    • 8th Airborne Corps
    • 9th Airborne Corps
    • 10th Airborne Corps


    In August [1944], the Stavka formed the 37th, 38th, and 39th Guards Airborne corps. By October, the newly formed corps had combined into a separate airborne army under Maj. Gen. I. I. Zatevakhin. However, because of the growing need for well-trained ground units, the new army did not endure long as an airborne unit. In December, separate airborne army the Stavka reorganized the separate airborne army into the 9th Guards Army of Col. Gen. V. V. Glagolev, and all divisions were renumbered as guards rifle divisions. As testimony to the elite nature of airborne-trained units, the Stavka held the 9th Guards Army out of defensive actions, using it only for exploitation during offensives.

    So you know if we refer to history ..... the URSS is lacking a lot of different types of Airborne units @Vegna, so don't you agree that they should be implemented as well? because you know it willl be "more historically correct" is fine.

    Back to to topic:

    • However this post is ONLY to ask for the Airborne Guards to regain their initial functionality alongside with the offmap smoke ability for once for the Soviet faction
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    1 year ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    I agree, they would be more useful in open maps where there are less buildings and more space to actually land, they said they couldn't get the animation to work somehow but it also worked in the preview mod...
    So I guess somehow they didn't get it to work but I'd still like to see them paradroping and get an offmap smoke as well as it was supposed to be :s

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