Mod broken... need some help.

1 year ago
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My Luftwaffe Angriff mod is broken. But only when I play UK. I can play against it with no problem. I can drop all its buildings & units in no problem as a nother player & they work fine.

It is just when you get to the press any key screen on setting up a new game against the computer it gives a white screen then CTDs.

I have rebuilt & cleaned the mod through ModBuilder. I have tried copying the base versions of non unit files over my mod files. Butnothing is letting me play a game.

Please not that this is not the STEAM version, as I have been updating it over the last week.

Has anyone bumped into something like this & is there a cure or way to fathom what is causing the error???

Thanks in advance. Don't want to leave 30,000 users hanging.



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    1 year ago

    Have cured this, will leave the how here in case another modder bumps into the same issue & this turns up in a search.

    I went back into the Instances of the tuning pack & examined every file changed In the time-window that the error occurred.

    I discovered that I had left some units with 2x:
    This caused the game to spit the dummy on loading for human. But oddly allowed the AI to play it.

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