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5 months ago
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Headquarters technology severely punishes the player. The withdrawal of the captain or lieutenant on the battlefield unties the opponent’s hands for several minutes of battle ahead.
I want to propose for discussion such a technology option for the US Army

The platoon and company headquarters first of all performs an upgrade for 50 personnel and 35 fuel. This opens up M2HB / M1. After that, a captain / lieutenant's call is available for 200 personnel and 20 fuel. To get the major out, ONLY a captain or lieutenant is needed. In other words, there must be one of the officers. The major's arrival also opens up access to the remaining technologies.

This approach will give more scope for variability at the beginning of the battle, but will not become too strong in the future.
P.S. I would generally refuse the mandatory withdrawal of kapin and lieutenant when buying buildings, but this loses some of the style of the US Army.


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    5 months ago
    I would definately like to see major open up the remaining unlocked tech perhaps come out a little bit earlier with the ambulance since I feel this has been delayed.

    Perhaps also like to see once you do pick one or the other captain/lieutenant the fuel cost for the other dissapears as well and is instead made 280 manpower so it dont matter which you choose and you dont get two squads at 200mp which usf really does not need anyway as 80mp dont account for much compaired to the delayed teching.

    This might even simplify the tech structure in my opinion.

    The only thing is captain will be more prone to being built do to it haveing both a bar upgrade during the early game to help counter sturmpio+stg volk and being able to supervise.

    In my opinion 1 bazooka on lieutenant is pointless as you will bleed more manpower than the damage you attempt to inflict and lose to much anti infantry fightingpower to then use them in that regard. typically if I upgrade lieutenant with bazooka I already have weapon racks unlocked.

    So some thought I think would need to go into liutenants viability other than a glorified rifleman.
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