[OKW]Make IR.stg44 can be upgrade without Panzer Authorization

1 week ago
In new patch thx balance team make Ober arrive earlier,but Ober without weapon upgrade not so good
So,IRstg44 is a commander ability and only for Ober not like USF 1919LMG can be pick up by all infantry,so maybe can allowed when OKW choose some commander to make Ober more powerful when they coming earlier,and make IRstg44 more valuable as a commander ability,and more competitive with MG34


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    1 week ago

    That weapon upgrade requires a massive nerf as it is wrecking any enemy infantry squad, plus it should only be available for upgrade on friendly territory

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    1 week ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 549
    I notice that Okw infantry doesnt need to be in friendly sector to upgrade weapon, which Ost unable to do that. i dont know why.

    Units that supposed to be behind the line like Jeager, Fallschrim, I get it. But Volk stg, Ober LMG?
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    1 week ago

    @C3Tooth I always thought it was weird that they could upgrade on enemy territory as it gives them a huge advantage ,because they don't have to bother at all about having to fall back their soldiers from the front lines just to upgrade them.

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    1 week ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 302
    edited September 12
    Ya that has annoyed me for the longest time as well especially during the early game.
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