USF Commander Refactoring (Part 1)

8 months ago
mrpeedmrpeed Posts: 45
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My ideas for making the following commanders more focused. What do you people think?

  1. Mechanized Company:

-Remove 76mm Sherman/Dozer Blades and Combined Arms.

-Add M10 Tank Destroyer and Raid Tactics.

*M10 tanks are fast and cheap which makes sense in a commander that focuses on harassment and mobility. Raid tactics makes more sense than combined arms because the commander isn't really focused on big combined arms pushes, but harassment.

  1. Armor Company:

-Remove 105mm Bulldozer Sherman, M10, 240mm Howitzer Barrage, and Assault Engineers.

-Add 76mm Sherman, Calliope, Combined Arms, and P47 Strafing Loiter.

*The 76mm Sherman makes more sense in a general armor focused commander as it is a more generalist tank. The Calliope is a hard hitting special tank that makes sense in a tank focused doctrine. The P47 Strafing Loiter synergies well with tank pushes as it will keep infantry at bay during an armor assault. Combined Arms will boost your infantry while fighting with tanks which makes more sense for a commander that is tank focused.

  1. Urban Assault Company:

-Remove Rangers and Calliope.

-Add Assault Engineers and 105mm Bulldozer Sherman.

*Both units make WAY more sense in this commander for obvious reasons...

  1. Rifle Company:

-Remove White Phosphorus Smoke Barrage.

-Add Light Machine Gun, Add white phosphorus smoke shell to Easy 8.

*More Riflemen tools makes more sense to me.

  1. Infantry Company:

-Rename to Artillery Company.

-Remove Riflemen Field Defenses, Light Machine Guns, and Time on Target.

-Add Off Map Smoke Barrage, 240mm Howitzer Barrage, and I&R Pathfinders.

Still thinking about the remaining commanders.

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