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8 months ago
38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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so I Have noticed now that usf has received some more nerfs particularly to early game which i find understandable as a usf player I found them to be very manpower bursty early on and forced to be reliant on mainline infantry/commanders and barely any support weapons to deal with okw till okw received current nerfs in mainline inf.

Commanders now cost 250mp up from 200 and they used to be elite units with weapons which was removed quite a while ago when they cost 55fuel per commander and unlocked everything in the tree now with the 50mp and 20fuel unlock it is a total of 300mp 55fuel.

added to this m20 no longer haveing a bazooka on the crew makes it very vulnerable now and less useful for things such as getting behind a bunker with a mg gun, though i would add make them just a normal vehicle crew so they can benefit from armor companies crew buff.

so perhaps now we can get buffs to the later stages of the game?
add your ideas to possible usf changes.

some small changes i would make like commanders getting access to their weapons back but not doubled up like they were and my idea goes like this, keep the ability for commanders to upgrade weapons but also when you pay the 50mp 20fuel to unlock
your vehicles etc they are also permanently equipped with their corresponding weapon.

This would add to the earlier game without coming out to early and require input.

Perhaps even a mp reduction on ambulance down to 200 from 250 as it costs fuel anyway and still would cost more in general than a 125mp bunker.

pack howitzer 75mm and the m8 scott i just find them to be a very odd pair as they share the same role with little differences one is particularly weak to infantry with longer range the other is weak to tanks with shorter range and final tier.

i would like to see the pack howitzer come with white phosphorus standard and move the explosive shells down one vet or even improve the explosive shells effectiveness.

m8 scott remove the barrage ability and give it a fast rate of fire opposite of what the patch did to solidify it as a mobile unit used in kiting infantry/ circling support weapons much like other tanks and providing excellent smoke support as the barrage is not needed with the use of units such as the mortar and the pack 75mm which would be used instead in order to hit static targets and support weapons. i don't see this as a problem as Brumbar can face tank with its armor and gains a vet barrage ability and both axis have rocket artillery standard/ mortar and Leigh and increased range for raketenwerfer



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    8 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    Personally I think the m20 was good the way it was and since they slight increased the timeing on it with changes I dont see how it would have still been overpowered as it previously came out just before at grenades/222

    At that stage in the game all you have is the bazooka from the m20 crew possible lieutenant bazooka if not placing a mine and a 50cal that can quickly be skirted around before dealing damage if you even have the munitions still makeing it hard to micro your units to take down a 222 scout car or the like and even halftracks carrying a shreck squad.
    Decrewing the m20 also left it vulnerable to be stolen if given the right scenarios.
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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 856
    I saw you use M20 quite often, of course for its utilities of mines and smoke, not the Zook, because use crew Zook to fight Light requires mad skill (giving no ATgun support and need to build Stuart to go in pair).
    So I understand why you fight for the M20

    For me, even if they remove the unit, I dont really care.

    Before that I thought M20 should be unlocked after Lieu, not requiring MechaLieu tech. But those tournament players are too great.
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    8 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    right the skill level is up their with the m20. I am fairly good with it myself sometimes using a pair.
    I one had something like 60+ kills or something to that fact and was able to transfer that veterancy to my Jackson to make it a 3 star.

    The level of attention you have to pay to that unit though to get the most out of it is pretty high though much like the cheaper WC-51 truck accept with the m20 you can get a bit more aggressive since it is a full rotating turret and get behinde support weapons.

    Bazooka came in handy defensively to deture the 222 when m20 already did damage to it as you could kill the 222 before it could lower you squad count to much to decrew the m20.

    Though I could see how most players dont use it as it is harder to use in 4v4.
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    8 months ago
    Honestly if vehicle crews where stonger it would be a similarity to have something like a stuart that is not so good vs infantry to run past an AT gun and decrew to use the grease guns to mow it down.

    It would be a micro intensive and situationaly aware tactic to deploy but not necessarily the fault of the unit but playstyle and practice.

    Replace crew with an assault engineer and that is pretty much what you got though the crew would be strictly a repair squad only at that point since they are currently so fragile you cant equip them with any sort of weapon and expect anything out of them so they become a non combat unit and dont gain any further vet until back into a vehicle. You might get lucky and repair a critical on an abandond vehicle though.
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    8 months ago
    I wish I could see the video of the gameplay that made them make this decision. I've not been able to finde it.
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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 856

    Check it out.
    They spam M20 though.

    A vehicle that literary has a health of Kubel. If Okw spam Kubel, I actually wonder how it goes from the very beginning for USF.

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    8 months ago
    Earlier raketen, even 1 shreck would have helped they had non, and instead of puma or flack half track they should have gotten a luches.
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    8 months ago
    Even just a luches would have put a big hurt on them and damaged the crews and discouraged decrewing with bazookas as they might not be able to recrew after loseing squads. Puma not good vs infantry.
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    8 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 856

    Puma is actually decent vs infantry though. They are as much as T34-76 that less health but more speed & range

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    8 months ago
    Ya puma is decent because of the pintle guns but that is like saying panther is pretty decent which it is with its mg upgrade but it does not compair to a panzer4 in the same respects that can also still handle the lighter vehicles.
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    8 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    would you take 2 SU85 to attack an elephant or jagedtiger, or would you take 4-5 t34-76 and swarm it.

    Do you take a stuart to attack a fast long range puma or do you swarm it with faster 3 m20s and decrew to bazooka it.

    In some instance I might even have a rifleman inside one to hop out and rifle grenade it.

    In the end this will make usf even more munitions heavy especially in the super early game with less AT defense.
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    8 months ago

    idk i guess kubelwagen and luchs need nerfs now :wink:
    oh my kubel got about 19 kills and about 980 damage i dont think i scrolled down far enough in the video

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    8 months ago
    BlaCOHBlaCOH Posts: 51

    My feedback,

    Today we have a afk Relic team who don't care about the game and developp patch and invent completly and useless ideas !
    I want to know who had the idea to remove Zooka to M20 ?? it's not useless and players don't play M20 only for mines and smoke...
    Take 2 M20 if you know play this unit, you can kill a P4 easy but you need to spend ammo and have skill to manage

    The reason : The Axis player just cry to Relic to remove bazooka (I only see this reason) because he lost P4 or Panther

    And Relic don't care about balance faction execute and hop zooka removed !

    Now today USF is just a support faction,

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