New Axis Faction and New Commanders

10 months ago

This post will be broken down into three parts. First, a new Axis faction we should get, I'll then discuss a new infantry unit for the USF and OKW factions, and then an idea for news Commanders. I would love to hear feedback from the community.

New Axis Faction
I know a lot of people want China or Japan as a new faction but i think it is very realistic that we will not be getting these factions as the focus has been on the European theater of war. The next faction (if we get another) should be Axis to even things out because there are three Allied factions and two Axis factions. The Axis faction should be Italian in my opinion, which would add a third Axis faction and add something else other than another German faction. There are plenty of weapons, artillery pieces, and vehicles to place in the game.

New Commanders
I believe that the USF, OKW, and British should get new commanders and a few new abilities within those new commanders that are faction appropriate. I would like to see more commanders with these three factions given how many commanders are with the Soviet and Wehrmacht factions. My ideas on future Commanders:

Focus your efforts on aggressive frontline combat tactics to stop the enemy in their tracks. With the help of the American O.S.S., find out where the enemy is and cripple them before they can reach the frontlines.

-- 0 CP - M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight' - A M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight' can be deployed to the battlefield. This unit is effective against all targets.

-- 1 CP - Urban Assault Kits - Rear Echelon squads can be upgraded with rifle grenade launchers while riflemen are equipped with incendiary devices.

-- 2 CP - O.S.S. Operative - Armed with a scoped M1903 Springfield sniper rifle, this unit is a stealthy, well-trained long-distance sharpshooter. (Abilities: Camouflage (Passive ability when in cover), Hold Fire, and M-5 mine)

-- 4 CP - P47 Recon Run - Available planes will run a high speed loiter over the targeted area.

-- 8 CP - P47 Bomb Strike - A P47 Thunderbolt will fly over the targeted area and drop a single 500lb bomb.

Command forces that are equipped for close quarters combat and place fortifications to stop and repel the enemy.

-- 0 CP - Assault Package - Sturmpioneers can upgrade to the flammenwerfer 35 flamethrower while Volksgrenadiers can be equipped with MP-40s and a variety of grenades.

-- 2 CP - Heavy Fortifications - Sturmpioneers can construct tank traps, flak emplacements, and trenches.

-- 2 CP - Stormtroopers - Elite infiltration troops who are experts at disrupting enemy supply lines. These units can be deployed from any ambient building.

-- 5 CP - Sniper - A well-trained long-distance sharpshooter that is armed with an accurate G43 rifle. (Abilites: Camouflage (passive while in cover), hold fire, flare.)

-- 8 CP - leFH 18 Artillery - This light 10.5cm field howitzer doesn't have the destructive power of some Soviet artillery, but it counters with a good rate of fire and reasonable long range.

British Forces
This regiment makes good strategic use of infantry, vehicles, and air power to dominate on the battlefield.

-- 1 CP - Raid Operation - Allows all of your infantry and British vehicles to capture points quickly. Use this to break through enemy lines.

-- 2 CP - Designate Command Vehicle - Designate a target vehicle as a command vehicle. The command vehicle will improve nearby units and increase the recharge rate of commander abilities.

-- 4 CP - S.A.S. Assault Group - A squad of S.A.S. soldiers will parachute down and wreak havoc behind enemy lines.

-- 8 CP - Vanguard Operation 'Crocodile' - Nearby batteries will fire a quick illumination shot to the target area while a Churchill Crocodile is deployed to the field.

-- 9 CP - Hold the Line! - Infantry units in friendly territories gain increased defense. After a period of time, Hawker Typhoons strafe enemies on the frontlines with rockets and machine guns.


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