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Either Balance BARs or remove them from the game. BAR spam is infuriatingly anti fun. Three squads with BARs can run up on MGs with zero micro and murder them while being fired upon by three OKW squads. The accuracy and fire rate is insane. Sixty munitions is far too cheap for their price point when G43s are also sixty but have no where near the firepower.

Side note, OKW players what is your late game anti-blob tactics? Early game the AA half track is amazing but once tanks or a number of AT guns hit the field any decent player can insta kill them.


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    when you get stg you have to treat them like a sturmpioneer as they lose long range power and become primarily close range some mid but not as good as bar at mid range.

    Get in close range and you will rip up a single bar upgrade but dont close the distance over an open field takeing unnecessary damage. when you engage stand still so you keep maximum firerate as movement reduces your dps try to pop around corners of buildings or other cover for maximum effect.

    Or you can choose not to upgrade and stay as a long range unit behinde cover with sturm pioneers close by incase they get in close range and bleed them from a distance with a kubel constantly engaging and repairing to further reduce your manpower bleed but I would not try to micro more than one kubel which is also good to flank mg guns at times or simply to use to gain vision for something like using you raketen on a british flack emplacement in the early game
    And spot for a leig.

    if they go double bar you will need obersoldaten or light vehicles preferably luches.

    As far as bars destroying mg guns like that they would have had to of death looped it which any faction can do if played right you need to get the jump on it and have your squads separated ideally.

    I dont see it happen to often unless enemy has a significant blob or possibly lmg upgrades like obersoldaten.

    late game if I am playing okw at some point you want a stuka half track to hit the larger blobs of enemies and support weapons. but not before getting a panther or panzer unless your allies are already getting those but make sure you keep a couple panzershrecks close just incase of a flank after your stuka maybe a couple of mines in choke points and a volk for at grenade.
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    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 883
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    No blob is more dangerous than Sturm / Volk stg44 / Fall / Ober with For the Father land

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