catastrophic new map 4v4

11 months ago
maldonmaldon Posts: 55

the new maps for 3v3 4v4 are catastrophic
you totally slaughtered the team game with your latest update.
why not solicit the specialists of the team game, the big players 3v3 4v4?
I wrote a post "3v3 4v4 are dead", I just describe what I see every day.
it's still the same German defensive game, they know that with this game, they win systematically.
the good map are forest lienne, essen, lanzerath, because they promote the good game, the fun,
if you want to compete in this German defensive game, you still have to take commanders "arty", so poor
respected allied players who play team games.


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    10 months ago
    BlaCOHBlaCOH Posts: 56

    Hi !

    I would like to thanks guys who created and validated new 4vs4 map. They are just pro Axis and they created this map only for Axis factions.
    I realize in this world there are guys who create things for themseleves and there are ignorant who valid without know..

    Here congratulations Relic for this update wich "update" the game clap clap

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