General Changes I Would Like to See

10 months ago
  1. HMG suppression:

I would like to see all HMG's reworked to reliably suppress blobs. Most HMG's feel unreliable in suppressing infantry, which should be their primary role. This promotes blobby play which is never fun. You shouldn't be able to charge head first into an HMG and kill it.

  1. Squad formation spread.

I still think squad formations could be spread out more to prevent wipes. Also, when a squad retreats or attacks it should retain a spread out formation better. For example, when attacking a tank with a rear echelon bazooka squad they tend to clump together which makes them an easy target. Also, squads that retreat sometimes clump up making them easy targets for tanks.

  1. Kill limits.

Much like mines, I think kill limits for most AOE weapons would be good and lead to less frustration gameplay. Big guns and heavy artillery should still be able to wipe squads in one hit. Things like grenades, mortars, and tank fire though should not be able to wipe a whole healthy squad in one hit.

  1. Unlock-able buildings for eastern front armies:

Eastern front armies should be able to unlock buildings instead of building them with engineers. This will make things more fair and open engineer squads for buffs and/or reworks.

  1. Small 2v2 maps:

I would like the 2v2 map pool to contain maps that are overall larger and promote flanking. Too many maps lead to dead lock gameplay.

  1. Flanking heavy tanks:

Flanking a heavy tank should be rewarded more. Maybe they should take 50% more damage when hit in the rear armor? Sloppy heavy tank play needs to be punished more, especially in team games.



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    10 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 876
    1. I agree that they already remove the basic mine that only able to kill 2 model max, I dont know why they dont do it with mortar & grenade. I think if grenade kill maximum 50% number of model in a squad and 50%hp on the alive model, it still being more powerful against Allies while no more random fullhp squad whip.

    2. I agree. A squad keep staying at base to build tier while West armies engineer always on frontline, combined with forward retreat point is totally unfair. Im willing to sacrifice Major's retreat point to have all factions no more has retreat point.

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