Bug Report - unlockable achievements

1 year ago

After spending like 200 hours in the game (and the number will be still growing), I have found a couple of achievements that as of this moment cannot be earned by the Players.

I have added the list of the ones I had found up to this point below:

  • M.10 Zero-Risk Market - Even with the trick of skipping the intro animation, I couldn't get this achievement for capturing a Hospital in Lublin, market as Marketplace, without loosing a single soldier or vehicle.
  • Armored and Dangerous - For 'Blitzkrieg' Challenge in Operation Barbarossa Theatre of War. There is a large village with at least 8 vehicles ready for capture on this map. But if You try to capture them in any pattern, the game will crash. I tried at least 10 times and the result was the same.
  • Torched- maybe this is Campaign based, but in Skirmish mode, even if You capture a flamethrower with Penal Battalion, the counter for Flamethrower upgrade won't go up.
  • Battlefield Menace - The counter for Barber wire pieces doesn't work.
  • Don't step on the Grass - The counter for Tellerminen doesn't work.
  • In the Noose - While this one actually works, the problem is it's in-Steam description. While it claims You have to wiped out the entire convoy, the in-game description says You have to destroy only M3 cars filled with Penal soldiers. Which is misleading.
  • BLITZKRIEG - the counter for Merchanized Grenadier Groups only works for Theatre of War. It doesn't work for Skirmish mode
  • They are coming out of the Woodstock - Well, Where are the Partisan LMG and Rifle Squads? The only Partisan squads available in the Skirmish mode are SMG and Tank Hunter ones
  • Defenders of Motherland - or something like this, I do not knew the English version. But it's for killing 100 infantrymen with Partisans. The counter doesn't work.

Well, that will be all. For now, at least...


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    4 months ago

    hi there!
    I'll try offer solutions to some of them.

    1. M.10 - I actually earned this legitimately 3 years ago, I can't remember how, but it just happened. But there's a guy who posted a map to unlock this on the Steam Workshop here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=529410992 .

    2. Armored & Dangerous - I just unlocked it today, the key was to keep on SAVING before hijacking the vehicles. I also read to recrew them with Pioneers instead of Panzergrenadiers.

    3. Torched - You can complete this using SneakEye's All Units Mod (170 Added). It solves a lot of the other achievements you listed https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=350031348 .

    4. Battlefield Menace - Use SneakEye's All Units Mod (170 Added).

    5. Don't Step on the Grass - Use SneakEye's All Units Mod (170 Added).

    6. BLITZKRIEG - I actually got it normally, maybe it has been fixed.

    7. They are Coming out of the Woodwork - Use SneakEye's All Units Mod (170 Added).

    8. Defending the Motherland - Use SneakEye's All Units Mod (170 Added).

    I hope you find this helpful and hopefully you're replying to this 10-month old thread.


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