New player needs some advice

11 months ago

Hello, I've started playing this game with some friends (four of them to be precise) and we play a wide variaty of game-modes. 2v2's 3v3's 4v4's ; against players and AI.

While we don't seem to have any issues fighting off hard AI (I know they don't use the same tactics as PVP) we're having an extremely hard time against the axis teams. The axis team would always start off by spawning lmg's and rushes them towards the VP, followed by the construction of machine gun nests. While we heard that mortars can fight them off easly, it seems that the enemy always has an advantage over us, while we're building mortars it is already too late for any of our units to flank them or destroy them as they already have more than half of the entire map covered with LMGS / LMG Nests.

  • We have tried to use molotov on lmg's, while it works in theory it is horrible while trying it. We would get instantly pinned down by the MG42's which they will in turn shoot their mortars on them, we have no choice other than to retreat those units.

  • We have tried building light tanks, but the enemy always seem to have the medium - heavy tanks already unlocked.

  • I have tried to do 1v1's as the soviets, while I haven't done all of the 10 placement matches, it seems that even then the axis seems to overpower me, playing as the soviets.

I'd like to have some advices on how to counter this.
Thank you.

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