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All reports must be sent to [email protected]

All reports must successfully follow these criteria. Reports that do not, will not be investigated.

NOTE - If you think you may have been banned, see the bottom of this page

Relic will investigate valid reports, and where appropriate, take action commensurate with the infractions detailed in the Community Code of Conduct.

Relic will not report directly back to the player to update them as to the success of their report, and the status of the player in question.


The title of your emails must read as follows:

"REPORT - (Offence type)"

This will help us to parse the reports in which people have read and followed these guidelines correctly, as opposed to those who have not.

Ie reporting a teamkiller would require the title:

REPORT - Teamkilling


A report must include the player's in-game name

A report must also include the player's STEAM 64 id. This is a 17 digit number.

To find a players STEAM 64 id follow these instructions.

1) Press Shift + Tab when in COH2 to bring up the STEAM Overlay.

2) Then follow the steps in these pictures.

In the event the account name is displayed and not the STEAM 64 ID, use to quickly convert it.

Here is an example of how to identify a player in your report:

Player name: badcommunitymember

Steam 64 ID: 76534242323439390


Providing replay files is NOT sufficient evidence.

Please either provide screenshots of the offences in question, or if the offence requires, video recording of the incident in question.

If the offence in question is teamkilling, please make sure you have highlighted a unit of the offending player in your screenshot , so that the player name is visible in the ui when teamkilling.

Bandicam is a good free tool for recording short sections of gameplay/ replays.

If providing video evidence, please host on either Youtube or Vimeo, and provide a restricted link to the video on your report. Note that we will not be able to review "Private" Youtube links. We need "Unlisted" YouTube links.

If providing images, either attached files or links to a recognized image hosting site such as imugr are acceptable.


A short explanation, one to two lines in length is helpful, explaining any additional context around the report, or describing exactly what we should be looking at.


Thank you for taking the time to make the community a better place!

Addendum - Have I Been Banned?

  • If you have been banned, you should see a message when you try and access multiplayer informing you of your ban.
  • There is a bug where some people get a blank message/ screen instead of their ban message. This means you are banned.
  • If you have been banned, you have no course to ask about the reasons for you ban, or exactly how long said ban will be.
  • You can refer to the infractions detailed in the Community Code of Conduct to get an accurate picture of the length of your ban.
  • Bans are only handed out in cases of certainty, so you will know yourself the behaviors that you have been banned for.
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