Rant about Balancing by Community

8 months ago
KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 78
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As everyone knows, Relic has abandoned COH2 and now multiplayer balance is done by the community, or so we think. According to a playerbase, the game has become increasing unbalanced by the so-called balance community. More like BS balancing community as they think they are improving the game balance but are not. As of now, the game emphasizes on early rushing and harassment, and the OKW excel at that.

Even more appalling, the community doesn't care about my suggestions; oh wait it looks at the suggestions I gave thought to and spits on them, even if they are reasonable small changes, most of which are a middle ground between a certain patch and before.

As far as I know, they community is aware of the complaints made by the playerbase and they couldn't care less about them.

And more importantly, the campaigns are bugged and since it's unlikely Relic will fix them, is it even possible for the community to do so? Or will they say "The campaigns weren't very remarkable in the first place. It's better of they are bugged and unplayable."


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    4 weeks ago
    KiethSomataw99KiethSoma… Posts: 78
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    Nowadays, the community responsible for coding and balancing (or should I say unbalancing) (removed) does not improve game balance even a little.

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    3 weeks ago
    LoveMeNowLoveMeNow Posts: 29

    Yes and there are more Axis players than Allies and if you see last updates, next year Axis faction will have Atomic bomb :D:D

    As you say, this game is abandonned and manage by an elit Axis Community,

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