Newbie in CoH 2

5 months ago
AkajuAkaju Posts: 2
edited December 2019 in New Players

Hello guys, i m newbie in coh 2. i wanted buy some commanders at discount period but i missed it with 1 day.

when will commanders get huge discount again? :(

and is there any way to open commander without buying

im playing okw and sometime US. i want buy some commanders, can you advice me some ?


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    5 months ago
    AkajuAkaju Posts: 2
    edited December 2019

    i clicked in game registration and got 30k. but still need discount for commanders

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    1 month ago
    olidausgolidausg Posts: 7

    I can help you out in one point, probably you already experienced it: You get new commanders by random item drops.
    And for OKW Commanders you could go for the Scavenger Doctrion. If you can develop an advantageous position on the battlefield you can crush your enemy with a devastating Ostwind. Hope this anwers reaches you even after a long time

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