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1 year ago

Actually I don't know what is happening to the game. I am not a bad player... no a noob..... mid player. I remember a time i think about 3 months ago that I played as OKW. And I used to lost in more than 50 percent of my automatches. And recently I bought UKF and it was really good. So I play as UKF now. but there is sth that suffers me : I think axis are overpowered! I know it might be somehow funny... but even if we have half of the map and a fuel point, axis have Panzer IV and we (allies) don't have a T34! And when the time comes Churchill cannot even engage Panther! And also the have millions of infantry! I don't know this is from my play style or the game itself. That is why I want to know your ideas too. Even my teammates will be f%cked up too.
Thanks for your Ideas in advance.....


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    1 year ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 915

    I dont think Ost is OP, their Panther Brumbar is powerful, but the faction overall has weakness, lack of men, no Light tank, Panther requires Tier4

    Bring this to Okw, they start with Sturm; Volk & Fusilier can use as meat shield, Luch & Puma as Light options (which Puma can even kill of T34 with its sight & range), Panther is on the same Tier as Pz4, and they have King at the end.

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