BLITZKRIEG Achievement - not working - (bug?)

1 year ago

BLITZKRIEG Achievement - Deploy 50 Mechanized Assault Groups and 50 Mechanized Grenadier Groups.

I haven't done any achievement for years, and was just looking at doing some of these while some friends were away for Xmas.
The achievement should be straight forward, just deploy the above units, but the none of the deployments for exither units are being recorded.

I played a couple of simple 1 v1 skirmishes v CPU.
The Mechanized Assault Groups is availbale via the Mechanised Assault Doctrine Commander.
The Mechanized Grenadier Groups via the German Mechanized Doctrine Commander.
I tried both commanders, I was able to spawn mutiple units, I went on to finish and win the games but no deployments reorded when I checked the relevent Showcase spot eg

Menu/ Showcase / Ribbons & Medals/ Achievemnets 3rd Row 15 Column -
Deploy 50 Mechanized Assault Groups 2/50
Deploy 50 Mechanized Grenadier Groups 0/50

I spawned at least 10 untis of each, and tried using multiple maps. I was using the "All Units" Mod, but otherwise everything else was normal.

I appreciate its only an achievement and not big deal, but I thought I would log with you.

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