(UKF)Some design for faction,make Kingdom great again!

8 months ago

Tech tree--
T0-not change
T1-Bofos and AEC upgrade bundle with one,not lock out each other,add 3Inch mortar squad to T2(as commander USF mortar squad replace by mortar HT)
T3-Hammer and Anvil not lock out each other,first upgrade only allowed one heavy tank on field,after upgrade second,increase limit to 2,not affect commander special heavy tank(AVRE and crocodile )
5men squad size---need T1 upgrade or T2,after upgrade,all IS always have in cover buff(like assault sections upgrade),but all IS need upgrade separately,squad upgrade increase IS squad size and reduce squad POP(5men still 7 POP),and use 1 weapon slot
IS--return to old time(16damage and low accuracy)
Engineer(or not change)--increase cost to 240MP,default 5men squad,not effect by 5men squad upgrade,pop to 6
AEC--Main gun change like M42 AT gun,can switch AP or Canister,AP damage to 80,Canister same as M42 but range to 40
Comet--Increase Cost to about 600MP and 200 Fuel,POP to 20,increase HP to 960 ,reduce armor to 250
Churchill--Reduce HP to 1200,have 20% damage reduction(1500HP),Cost to 650MP and 210Fuel,POP to 20

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