UKF not getting the garrison and veterancy bonuses on mortars, QF 40mm's and at guns.

1 year ago

Bug Description

The forward assembly does not provide any garrison bonuses to any of the emplacements though the description says otherwise.

Garrisoning the mortar emplacement does not actually gives any bonuses.
They fire at the exact same rate whether garrisoned or not.
Veterancy of the units garrisoning or the mortar emlacement itself makes no difference on fire rate.
The mentioned reduction in cooldown on creeping smoke barrage from veterancy is irrelevant since there is no cooldown.

The AT gun emplacement cannot be garrisoned whatsoever though the description tells me i need the garrison bonus to use the Fire Flare, Instead looking at the ability itself it needs veterancy on the AT gun. There is no way to recieve the rate of fire or rotation rate mentioned in the description. I am still unsure if it gets any of the bonuses mentioned in the veterancy descriptions, I already have Piercing shot at veterancy 0 even though im supposed to need veterancy 1.

The Bofors QF 40mm emplacement seems to work as described, it can both be garrisoned and it gets Suppressive Barrage from it.
No idea if it gets the veterancy bonuses, since the mortar and at gun doesnt seem to.

Repo Steps

Bug is always present.

Game Mode


Thanks for looking into this.

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