(All)Factions commander weapon package buff design

8 months ago
WAAAGH2000WAAAGH2000 Posts: 132
PPsh package——
For Consript not change,but allow Penals use 60 ammo upgrade 6x shocks PPsh,also have about 10%~15% RA bonus

Merge with Veteran squad leader
Grenadier use 60 ammo for 2xG43 and increase squad size to 5,remove VSL bonus,but still free for medic packs
PanzerGrenadier still 60 but get 2x PG G43,increase sight to 42,also have Mark target ability,remove repair ability
Pioneer not change
StormTrooper get 4x PG G43

LMG can be pick up by all unit,no need change

Merge Volks MP40 and Ober IR stg,still 3CP,Flamethrower bound with Incendiary Munitions,still for FireStorm
Volks MP40 upgrade cost increase to 60,increase squad size to 6
Ober IRstg upgrade cost increase to 90,increase squad size to 5

Merge Flamethrower and Assault Tommy ,for more commander


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