Suggestions for JAN Balance changes

6 months ago

Some suggestions for the winter balance 2020 changes that i've been thinking about might add more later, and feel free to add your own suggestions.


Current Grenadiers

squad size: 4

weapon damage: 16
total damage 64 (5 shots to kill)*

reinforce cost per model: 30 (total cost if squad is reduced to 1 model: 90)

new Grenadiers

squad size: 5

weapon damage: 14
total damage 70 (6 shots to kill)*

reinforce cost per model: 25 (total cost if squad is reduced to 1 model: 100)

*Assuming all shots hit and the target is not in green cover



increase MP cost 270 to 280

increase squad size from 5 to 6

G43 reduce upgrade cost 80 to 60 (upgrade no longer adds a squad member)

Panzerschreck upgrade removed


Moved to Command HQ requires Battlegroup HQ or Mechanized Reg. HQ

New upgrade added Panzerjeager (squad gain two Panzerschrecks for 100 munitions)

All upgrades for Obers require Panzer Authorization (LMG34, IRSTG-44, and Panzerschrecks)


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    6 months ago
    Freak2805Freak2805 Posts: 31

    The Obersoldaten one suggestion one is amazing...

    Seriously they are always pretty late game... And Infantry Sections are basically Obers early game... And they piss on Grenadiers and stuff easily because of their damage and accuracy...

    The upgrade thing needing Panzer Authorization is awesome, i'd only change it to require the Flak HQ ( forgot its name...) but that might be a little too OP

    The Panzerfusiliers one i think its kinda of a bad suggestion... otherwise it would force OKW for a very expensive infantry AT ( Obers + PZschreck ) plus their reinforce cost etc...

    I think Pzfusi are average right now, but having Schrecks kinda makes it up. But i see you're making them a bit more, this change would be valid if Volksgren got Pzschrecks instead, and maybe it needed a HQ upgrade for it or something like that.

    The Grenadiers balance seems alright... their 4 men squad is kinda meh.

    But think about how they would get 6 men squad with that infantry commander upgrade thing... That would be really relevant.

    Overall a good one.

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    5 months ago

    Soviet Lend Lease Tactics

    M5 Halftrack assault group replaced with new Assault Guards call in (2CP)

    Assault Guards (270MP) are similar to how they are now, but start with 6 SVT-40s and can upgraded with 3 Thompson SMGs for 60 munitions

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