New Year and a upcoming BEAUTIFUL Update (upcoming)

6 months ago

Hello everyone,

For starters, I want to say that this post is reffered to the upcoming Winter Balance patch of this year, and for starters,

THANK YOU, DEVS... Finally a Patch that might improve both the 3v3 and 4v4 matches by denying the tiger / heavy specialized tank rushes, while also providing some MUCH NEEDED love for British Forces Infantry Sections...

This patch is absolutely BEAUTIFUL...

From STURMTIGERS grenade launcher adjust, to Infrared tweaks, I gotta say, you have really outdone yourselves with simplifying and making them easier to micro...

BUT what you are doing to the BRITISH, and the Airlanding (now Assault) Officer, is just the ADDITION they needed... Just beautiful If I might say so...

And upgrade for consistency on Infantry Sections... FINALLY... A PATCH that isn't nerfing poor lads... Like really guys...
Smoke flares are also great implementation and gonna provide much needed utility since brits do not have access to smoke unless building a very risky and stationary mortar pit...

Medics from main base = LOVE... just LOVE YOU GUYS...

Adjustment to For the Motherland... SO we don't see shocks rushing like lunatics into bullet fire... Just beautiful <3

There is literally not a single thing in this patch, that I could disagree with, or that I would say wasn't necessary... Like overall amazing patch to come for all nations...

Well Done developers, a very nice and stylish entrance to 2020!!!

-Just a suggestion, would it be a problem to give Airlanding Officer upgrade for medics / flares that regular riflemen use? Since he is 1 squad limited
--> Main reason for this suggestion is that you could implement his amazing voicelines that exist but currently aren't used on him (he has quite a few ones for calling in artillery on his own)
-Also since you are reworking his ability, make sure that he still uses original voicelines (and that one for Mad Minute <3)

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN and personally, I can't wait for this patch to go live on Thursday <3


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872

    I wonder whats about King, do they have 3min cool down?

    Another thing is Medic available for Brit as another healing resource, why Soviet doesnt have healing improvement? I think if 1 base building spawns a Medic, then they can get 5 Medic which I think its already goof for them.

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    5 months ago
    Freak2805Freak2805 Posts: 31

    All i wanted was some new intel Bulletins...

    Man... OKW lacks so many intel bulletins for a lot of units to make certain strategies viable.

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872
    edited February 10

    Lack bulletins doesnt make strategy less viable.
    Lack units does

    I have 10 bulletins with 5 types of unit.
    You have 3 bulletins with 10 types of unit.
    ->You still able to output more strategy than me.

    Except Bulletin is just telling "hey Im gonna spam this unit, so beware". Like a player add 3 Bulletins on Panther.

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    5 months ago

    I would far rather you fixed the base game bugs instead of continually fecking with things. Tweaking one thing to just have to tweak another. If this game has not been able to find ballance in 5 years then just leave it alone. The nations are different, they need to be played differently, & you need to counter them differently. Seriously... you are just bugging out the game worse with these updates. The collision boxes on infantry has been a disaster! Animations come & go as who-ever adjust things is incompetent! Even features are disappearing because you break them... like units in the UK AT Emplacement. Just fecking STOP!!!!!

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