USF Bulletins.... What's the point?

6 months ago

So I'm sitting here looking at the bulletins wondering what the hell was the point of the devs putting in more than the three most obvious best ones?

Of course USF revolves around its infantry so why the hell did the devs waste their time putting in anything other than the three infantry ones?

Infantry Accuracy Infantry Speed between shots/reload Infantry reload

Even the one it gives you extra experience for Infantry isn't as good as any of the three listed above.

The reason why I'm posting this is because I really wanted to change up my game a little. I wanted to try to use the bazooka bulletin but first game into it I'm asking myself why? Why even bother when zookas suck ass anyway and the extra 5% penetration is a joke.

I think its cool that the other factions get to fool around with bulletins but USF just like the rest of the game, is pigeon holed into the same dare I say BORING builds and build orders.

Seriously the Nazis in this game are so fucking good and require so little strategy and thinking. Plus you get all the fun messing with different bulletin builds. I was going to play more USF but its just down right boring and bad compared to the other factions.

Why even bother playing USF when the other factions are so much better. Not a whine post because honestly I prefer the nazis better but you USF players out there I ask you why? Why do you play the shittiest most generic faction in this game?


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    5 months ago
    DaemienDaemien Posts: 10

    play USF for a challenge. play axis if you want a good and easier game.

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    5 months ago
    BlaCOHBlaCOH Posts: 56

    @Daemien a dit :
    play USF for a challenge. play axis if you want a good and easier game.

    Excalty !

    Play Axis if you do not search difficulties and play USF if you want sweat !

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872
    edited February 8

    Generic faction? Not to me.
    I played this game since USF didnt have Pershing and Jackson had the hp of 480, which die to a single Teller mine. Exchange the best ability is Vehicle crew off and extreme defensive removal with Major vet3 sprint through smoke behind the line and hit Retreat. USF required mad micro skill to make it work, and much more powerful. Sadly no matter how high micro a game requires, players will used to it and made it too OP (example with M20 nerf from a tournament)

    Though now aday I & friends already shift to Axis, we do lost if one goes for the wrong side at the start (such as go for both fuel, not 1 fuel & mid to cover flank), other hand the game feel much more relaxing.

    • Instead of getting 2 Jackson and 2-3 Para/Ranger, I get 2 Panthers and 4-5 Volk/Sturm
    • My USF friend instead of getting a Pershing with 2-3 Ranger, he gets Panther command & a Panther with 4-5 Volk/Sturm
    • My Soviet friend instead of spam 4-5 T34, he gets 3 Panther and a Sturmpz
    • My Brit friend instead go high price Bofor & Pounder17, he goes Flak & Pak43.

    Game is just about spam the best unit to win.

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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited February 9
    Ya pretty much.
    I've switched from usf to playing ostheer.
    Had one match where I was able to build 3 brumbar and plowed through all their infantry and 4 at guns with a little smoke from smoke pots after I defended my sides star with bunkers and tellar mines.
    Even if I lose a match I'm like this was way more relaxing than playing usf.

    I've been haveing fun with them and last match today I hit 90k damage and even though we lost our match the enemy only had 46 points left and it was still fun even though I was carrying my teamates it was down to the wire.

    Had another match where brits were building emplacements all over so as soon as I hit 8cp I popped out 5 lefh and soon my teamates were able to push through and built my reigal mines with flame halftrack.

    Lots of options.
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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872
    edited February 10

    USF has to skip units to get Medium at similar time to other faction. I dont get why Ost get Medium at the same time that come with full options (I dont mention weapon upgrade because the mainline infantry is weaker than others, which they should have it for free)

    USF options
    (I dont count Captain/Lieu since they're not unique than RM)

    Ost options
    Pion/Gren/MG/Mortar/Sniper/HT/222/ATgun/Pzgren. Each has completely different role.

    And Axis players wonder why USF blob RM, like USF should use Rear or something?

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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited February 10
    Ya I wouldn't count capt lieutenant either and honestly I think veted rifleman do better overall then they do, they are just ok in early game to pop out an early weapons upgrade and smoke support instead of echelons and only captain is useful with production boost back at base.

    Saw some try to switch into a blob of 50cal since they are same price as rifleman anyway but they dont do so hot, low suppression and they dont get nearly the amount of kills a rifleman squad can get so overall I dont think it's worth doing that.

    Unlike ostheers hmg I can pop 3 out as it seems to be the sweet spot early game and they all cover each other I can move them around to take on pretty much any infantry composition while also makeing sand bags then switch into flame halftrack and panzergrens with pack40 to support and I'm pretty much golden if I see a usf aaht I get a 222 so I'm capable of chaseing it down and place either tellar or reigal mines.
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