Europe in Ruins: a immersive company of heroes modification.

6 months ago

We have been around for years. in 2007 we even won Mod of the Year award we have been around along time, and have gone through a lot of changes.

But what kind of mod is Europe in ruins?. we are a immersive persistency mod. we take a lot of the Company of heroes idea's and make them better. We focus on upgrades for units, veterancy,and doctrine upgrades to improve any armies ability to fight better on the battlefield. we have a lot of really unique great things in our mod.

Such as the Black-prince, the Comet,and the Maus to name a few of our ever expanding roster of units. our mod is multiplayer only mod focused on on the player and giving them the options and the tools to enjoy company of heroes in a fast paced environment. In fact back before company of heroes 2 one of our main Developers had a sit down and helped pitch ideas behind company of heroes 2!.

So i would like to invite anyone who loves RTS games or company of heroes in general to play our mod Europe in Ruins.

Side note: We are going through alot of changes right now so our launcher is a little wonky but i promise everyone it is well worth the time. Please give us a shout on the Forums at

We have plenty of videos to help you and we even have a lot of shoutcast and game replays for you to watch if you are interested. Please Message aeroblade56 on the forums or any member of our development team if you have any questions or issues. Happy Hunting!

Here is our army selection screen. from any of the 4 armies you can choose 3 doctrines, each with focusing on different bonuses and areas of the game. you can pick them in any order at anytime.

Here is what our doctrine selection looks like for the Commonwealth Royal Engineers. as you can see we have 12 different choices each with their own bonuses like faster tanks or more health on tanks or tanks that shoot flaming shots. we even have unlockable units like the Comet and the wasp carrier in our Royal Engineers.

I know its a little confusing but trust me its worth it. we don't have capture points in Europe in ruins so all our Resources are already set in the launcher. we use these resources to build our army before the game starts and call them in as the game progresses

TLDR: A great immersive persistancy mod for company of heroes, here is a brief youtube explaining a little bit


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    6 months ago

    Keep up with us at our Discord server. Over the last few days we have really been working hard on making the mod easier to access for everyone. We have finally started making the final push to release the mod Via steam, as well as improving key functions and even working on Doctrines and unit balances. feel free to drop in anytime if you just want to know a little bit more or need any help.

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