Snipers VS AI

5 months ago
I recently started playing this game and have got enough experience to be able to hold off against the standard ai on the 2 player bridge map (my wifi is bad enough that I won't even bother doing multiplayer) and bought the british dlc. I am currently playing around with the british sniper and found something weird with their camo vs the ai. I had one vehicle bridge up and it was the northeast one and pushed my sniper northwest across it and then hid in the cover a bit off the bridge to move down the map and call artillery on two 152mm artillery guns the ai had up. I saw an enemy squad of conscripts approach (hold fire was on and my sniper was camoflauged and not even moving) and the ai squad (a penal battalion) seemed to be able to see me, but could not attack me directly. They threw a stachel charge (which my sniper avoided by moving closer to the bridge, still in camoflauge) and then two more squads arrived and one tossed another charge, which I had my sniper retreat to avoid (I couldn't move him along far enough to avoid it without pulling him out of cover and thus camoflauge) and the stachel charge finished off the bridge and killed my sniper. Intrigued by this behavior, I tried this again (and along the way saw a SU-76 and SU-100 that hung around my sniper for ~30 seconds each) but managed to get my sniper to the bottom right corner of the top side (so the boat launch area) and he had the two guns spotted but there was that little Soviet light tank continuously hanging around for about 3 minutes (and always almost driving into the docks a few times) before I decided to toss the artillery smoke thing (I did not know this ruined his camoflauge) and the sniper got killed. Is this normal? Is there any way to make the AI be unable to spot camouflaged units? Thanks in advance.
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