[SOV] Winter balance patch. Add new units in T0.

11 months ago

Hello. I think it’s time to add the third nation to the T0 Soviet nation. Why is it time?

Each nation has 3 units
1) OKW = Sturmpioneers, Voksgrenadiers, Kübelwagen Military Car, RW 43 8.8cm Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher and MG 34 Heavy Machine Gun. = 5 Unit
2) Wehrmacht = Pioneers, MG 42 Heavy Machine Gun and Panzergrenadiers. = 3 unit
3) USA = Rear Echelon Troops, Riflemen, M1 81mm Mortar and Sanitary Truck. = 4 unit
4) British = Infantry Section, Vickers Heavy Machine Gun, Universal Carrier and "British Medic Squad. Which will add to the game Winter Balance Preview" = 3 + 1 New unit = 4 unit
5) Soviets = Combat Engineers and Conscripts = 2 units.

Simply put on all nations in T0:
1) OKW = 5 unit (Unit Truck sWS does not count)
2) Wehrmacht = 3 unit + Doctrine commanders
3) USA = 4 Unit + Doctrines
4) British = 3 + 1 new = 4 units
5) Soviet = 2 Unit

I think it's time to give one or two more units at the main headquarters. (T0).
There are two options:
First option. ZiS-6 truck

  • Cost 180 Manpower and 10 fuel.
  • May have an improvement
  • Improving the Sanitary Truck ZiS-6 for 50 Ammo
  • The ZiS-6 Sanitary Truck can activate the Heal and Replenish ability. Deployment time 2-3 seconds and reverse deployment 2-3 seconds. Radius treatment from 0 to 15 meters as in the main headquarters of the Soviets

The second option. Commissar

  • Remove the ability to call Commissar to the commander of the NKVD and replace it with something else.
  • Add Commissar to T0
  • The price does not change.
  • Has a passive ability "For the Motherland!"
  • For the Motherland! Increases accuracy and damage by 10%, but if the Commissar dies the squad does not slowly retreat to the base.

and Please do something with the "PPSh-41 Assault Set" Ability "Hurray!" and specifications with SVT-40.

1) After improvement PPSh-41 for Conscripts

  • Replace “Molotov’s Cactel” with a Grenade.


  • reduce the cost of 15 to 5 ammo
    Too expensive! It only increases the running speed of the unit, but not the characteristics.


  • Increase damage from 10 to 16.
    Cause? German G43 deals 16 damage and fast rate of fire, according to the idea of SVT-40 and G43 should be the same. So it is for the "Soviet Paratroopers" SVT-40 with 16 damage.


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    11 months ago

    npuBeT Ha9|. You bring up some interesting ideas, however, I believe you are not making a fair comparison. Wermacht and Soviets are designed in such a way that construction is an integral part of the way they are played. For the US Forces and British Forces you simply do research to go up the tiers, but nothing is available to them at t0 which is what you are discussing. If you want to make a fair comparison you need to compare the other armies to Soviets with either a Special Rifle Command constructed or a Support Weapon Kompaneya. For Wehrmacht with the Infantrie Kompanie built and you can reduce Wehrmacht's unit count from 3 to 2, since Panzergrenadiers are locked behind Battle Phase 1 (this would make them t1 not t0, if I am correct).

    These 3 t0 buildings are all fast and easy to build and decide the various paths you want to take with these 2 factions and add versatility in tactics to the armies. And if you count the extra units these buildings provide into your count of units, you will find they match or exceed the other armies in terms of unit count.

    Thank you

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    11 months ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 70

    I doubt that your idea has a connection with reality. Soviet have the most extensive set of units to start the game.

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    11 months ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 70

    Regarding the Soviet ones for the upcoming changes, I would note the price for improving the recruits. After the nerf, an upgrade of up to 7 people should correspond to the price-quality ratio.
    Changing the armor of the IS-2 will hurt the fraction painfully, maybe this change should be reviewed?

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    11 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 900

    Only Ost & Soviet have 5 buildings
    The West armies dont build building, they get various units in HQ, so they have 4.

    Funny that Soviet used to has the least unit type. Tier 1-2 cost 50fuel, they used only Cons in early game.

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