Explain me why Axis is stronger

5 months ago
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Explain me how it's possible to loose againts 2 OKW (2vs2) when:

You have two fuels and you cut off
You have better infantry except against Falschi and Obersoldaten
You anticipate vehicule with AT gun
you build caches to have more ammo and fuel

Now explain me how they can have 2 Tiger, obersoldaten destroy everything in the map.

Jackson are bad, 5 shoots and 4 miss/block, explain against a Tiger.
AT gun, nothing to say, you just need to pay to hit ! (nice xD)
Browing are really good but loose against Obersoldaten even if green cover bonus

Sherman ? just a joke

And Raketen, FYI 140 kg and easy run with ! (please show me guys running with)

It simple, OKW don't need tank to win, 3 rakenten and just a blob infantry

So and the Winter patch will "balance" the game !

Just go play USF in live, I never see you play this faction.

This game have really problems like guys who developp and propose upgrade.


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    5 months ago
    Axis have passive cheats
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    5 months ago
    OakieOakie Posts: 14

    The problem is that the balance team does not have a clue ... And they try to balance it in 1 vs 1... The dynamic is much more different in 2 vs 2...

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    5 months ago

    me playing Wehrmacht vs me playing USF in 4v4
    big difference.

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872

    I dont think anyone have time to watch 2 full replays, can you tell the key moments in the games?

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    5 months ago
    Well I guess it goes as whermacht I held fuel and star awhile with 3 mgs sniper mortar and a panzergren.
    When I finally did get pushed off because Soviets build a t34 I came back with 2 panzers took it back with a little help from an ally who was free at that moment.
    Then I used commander supply runs on the fuel as the Soviet came back with 4 t34s and an su85 I had 5 panzer4s and 2 stug.
    Killed all soviet forces near my star and pushed around to flank the mid killing an is2 kv8 and a bunch of other stuff to cause a surrender.

    As usf I'm like hmm what strategy to use ok build rifleman (sarcasm but true non the less).

    Anyway game goes as it normally does doing ok for awhile holding star and fuel and then the king tiger and elephant rolls out with lefh artillery supporting and it is all but gg even with my 2 vet 2 m8 scotts that do barely anything compaired to brumbar and stukas but yet I needed them because my inf can deal with all the obers/panzergrens. jackson that cant get close to elephant or king before needing to repair and hard to gain vision as my at guns get melted by pretty much everything inf arty and king.
    I didn't even have enough munitions to do a fly by and drop time on target on the lefh by this point.

    The normal good games gone bad.

    Was haveing good time playing whermacht.
    Decided to play USF again after being away from it for awhile.
    Wound up losing 8 games in a row and dropped from rank 12 to 10.
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    5 months ago
    Stug is fairly nice I thought. I did not know they had an mg upgrade for 30 munitions,
    And You could almost stun lock a vehicle alternating the stugs ability atleast long enough to kill it.
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    5 months ago

    I've never understood how anyone can think the Axis is the overpowered side. I play both consistently and especially on recent patches the Allies are much stronger. The OKW have the most expensive tanks, they have no ability to OP, they have no sniper, their MG comes out the latest out of all the factions, their mine is only decent, they have no AT infantry except doctrine specific, they have no mass indirect power, the stuka zu fuss can only drop in a line making it so impractically inferior against decent competition as to be useless, they lack non-doctrine specific late game anti infantry vehicles, they lack a hard explosive equivalent to the satchel charge or engineer explosives of either the Soviets or the British and finally their teching is also some of the most expensive in the game forcing a player to either go for early vehicles or try to rush a late game vehicle. I will give you that the rakaten is probably the best AT in the game in the hands of a decent player but with the ability to sneak them around removed it seems that they are honestly really balanced again.

    The Werhmacht on the other hand has such small and vulnerable infantry squads its makes them too easy to just out man on the field. The MG42 is top tier but it lacks the range, killing power and mobility of the other MGs in the game so its definitely evened out.

    The British get to pay 60 munitions for map hacks and if you aren't going Royal Artillery you are simply wrong, they get indirect straight from their infantry squads the Infantry Support Churchill is so ungodly armored that I have videos of it shacking off 12+ AT shoots and consistently bouncing Tiger shells, so again, if you are going the Comet you are simply wrong again. The British get a modifier that no other faction gets simply for being in cover and with the next patch their infantries only real weakness, shooting on the move, will be buffed making them better than any faction on the move except the Americans if I remember the numbers correctly. And after all of this, the British are actually the weakest of all the Allied factions.

    The Americans get free infantry squads for teching up, leading to the equivalence of about 520 manpower and 120 munitions just for the first two techs. No other faction gets a bonus like the Americans. The BAR and M1919A1 are far and away the best equipables in the game and so ungodly overpowered as to make fighting a properly equiped American player with infantry impossible, the Bazooka is a bit lack luster buts its cheap cost and the ability to equip it to any squad in any number makes up for it. The American AA halftrack has a better range and can shoot on the move making it so much better than the OKW equivalent. Riflemen are far cheaper to recruit and replenish than either of its comparable OKW or Werhmacht counterparts. The Sherman Colliope is far more effective than anything the Axis has access to. Every doctrine for the Americans has a different thing I could complain about from IR spam to Clusterbombs, which even with the 1 second delay will be far superior to all other anti infantry call ins with the exception of incin arty from the Soviets.

    The Soviets are my preferred Allied faction and honestly there is really nothing to complain about. They have access to every bit of necessary equipment and support weapon, their doctrines are really good and they have a fun play style. I will admit though, my standard doctrine as the Soviets is the new Airborne supply and it is so over powered its not even funny. I dominantly play 2v2s and the ability to just equip your ally entirely with SVT's and PPSHs if they are a Soviet player is just outrageous and it just has to be vastly overperforming. I feel guilty losing 150+ models in a game and hardly feeling it because they are all conscripts which, since they are SVT equipped, easily and regularly out gun much higher tiers of infantry such as Panzerfusiliers, Panzer Grens and even Obersoldaten.

    All in all, I find its much more difficult to win as the Axis with the Werhmachts complete lack of infantry to compete with any other faction and the OKWs lack of necessary equipment. They seem to have forgotten that what really balanced COH1 was that every faction stuck close to the baseline, while having slight advantages in some area and disadvantages in others. In COH2 every faction has such a unique play style and equipment that its impossible to balance properly. The best way would be to look around and being standardizing it by increasing Werhmacht squads and British squads to base 5 and adding the lacking units to the others rosters, but they have shown a complete lack of understanding of the issues and the balancing of the actual game beyond 1v1s and even then the British and Werhmacht are so unplayable that if I recall during the most recent tournament only once did anyone pick the British and only two or three times did anyone play the Werhmacht with almost all Allied players playing the Americans because of their vastly superior field presence and almost all Axis players played the OKW because they are the only ones that have a chance against the Americans in a 1v1.

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    5 months ago
    @Dovahkiin idk about 2v2 I play mainly 4v4.
    And honestly I can play any faction other than Americans and have a 50+% win rate.
    Playing American's it drops to 45%

    But yes their is alot more strategically that is hard to adress than simple unit stats.
    I actually play the best as whermacht 55% win rate currently and ya i play best vs American's since i know them well enough to recognize the situations and counters.

    My next best faction is british then okw then Americans.

    Have not played Soviets enough in recent years.
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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    Personally I think they should separate the officers from the tech since this seems to be a general confusion that everyone thinks they are free squads.

    You pay 280manpower same as a normal squad and 35 fuel is the cost to unlock either an mg gun or an at gun.

    If usf wants grenades and weapons that is 300 manpower 30fuel.

    Whermacht pays 100 manpower 40fuel to get acess to weapons grenades panzerfaust and panzergrenadiers then atleast include infanterie kompanie that's 200manpoer 50fuel total if you want to make use of the weapons and faust you end up with. weapons,grenades,faust,panzergrens,

    Now if usf skips both weapons and grenades they get an officer at the cost of a rifleman and 1 support weapon at the cost of 35fuel.

    Usf just simply has a poor and fairly strict tech structure limiting what is unlocked and promoting infantry production in the form of officers and a long delay between the transition from rifleman to when officer production starts causes a bloat of to many infantry units.

    If I were to go captain first and skip weapons rack but use captains bar upgrade by the time I have a bar as whermacht I could have lmg on a grenadier and a panzergrenadier or two with bundle grenades.
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    5 months ago
    OakieOakie Posts: 14

    Sov vs Axis is okay, but both brits and USF in 2 vs 2 are shit... Ost has the best unit in the game and thats the MG.. So u can easily shut down and entire map with one or two of does. Then u can also make bunkers and mines, and USF cant do that, they cant log down, because all their units are garbage!.. Then u as Axis can play the waiting game, and when Axis heavy arrive it is GG....

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