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5 months ago
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Windows 7, Steam version CoH Tales of Valor opposing fronts. Playing the Skirmish games, which appear to force you to play only as the Allies, never allow you to play as the Axis.


I play on the middle difficulty, normal computer opponent. Yet some things seem broken.

It seems as if every game begins with a ridiculous advantage for the germans. I get a crummy weak squad of engineers.
The germans magically start off with a sniper, or a guy on a motorcyle that not only has a machine gun that instantly wipes out engineers, it moves ten thousand times faster than anything AND has the ability to capture resource points.
That is Wildly unbalanced.

The german sniper instantly gets a free shot, then continues to kill and kill even as I run away. If I build a sniper, after ONE shot, the germans return fire, and then I lose about a thousand points I had to spend to build a sniper. Yes, I get it that sniper should reposition after firing....but the German sniper does not have to reposition, it just keeps firing with perfect accuracy, and the only thing that MIGHT kill him is the machine gun halftrack.
The balance of the game is BROKEN.

The game is also broken in that a good game would allow a fully equal chance of victory whether you choose defensive strategy or offensive. Not in this game. If you don't act like a kamakazi tasmanian devil constantly attacking, you lose.

Proof? Tank traps are COMPLETELY USELESS. Instantaneously, the germans have armored cars, which slip in between the tank traps! and the panzer tanks just roll over the tank traps as if they were not there. The STU tanks blow the tank traps away with only two shots.

Mines cost ten trillion points, and are useless aginst german tanks because their infantry trigger them first.

Wire is useless waste of time, the maps are designed so you can't protect things well enough to make wire worth putting up.

The germans make ten thousand tanks after three minutes of the game, while I am still barely able to afford a barracks for basic infantry. That's FUCKED UP.

The speed of the game is BROKEN. The germans build much much too fast for reality, and what they build is ten times better.

A german armored car cannot be killed by a Staghound, ever. WHY???????

A german armored car can surive TWO sticky bomb attacks by infantry. WHY???

I capture many more resouce and victory points, yet suddenly the germans show up with six tanks. How is that sane or possible??

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