Winter Preview. British forces

5 months ago

Glider. Well, first of all, I want to understand why the description says about 150 mp, but in fact there are 200 mp worth improving the point of retreat and medics. Second - if now the glider will be a separate independent unit, then it should be possible to repair it, like a Forward Assembly. Since the glider often lands badly damaged, and I don't see the point in its subsequent upgrades if it is destroyed by a single volley of Lefh.
Officer. Of course, that's great that it will now be available at headquarters. It's great that now he doesn't have a bonus to Brens that are already not needed by anyone. You increased costs for Recon sweep, argument that's is an example of the analog of such an ability in USF Major, but you forgot one detail, Major has this ability - with 0 VET, not 1 VET, are you remember about Major only when you want to WORSEN the axis fractions?
Officer charge ability. Can you stop to remove abilities in the game from updating to updating? Such an insignificant ability, the captain already has, why copy this useless stuff and give it to another unit? Make your ability more expensive, but leave it alone!
This unfortunate bonus for one squad, only for YOUR squad, which lasts a couple of seconds, even for free, no one will use that, no one will waste time to select this ability and get the cursor on the desired squad. Stop cutting off the abilities that we love this game for.
The British forses have many other abilities that need to be correcting, so you better take care of THEM.


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    5 months ago
    Dont forget either major is final tier tech usf.
    So timeing will be different.
    I'm sure you could make officer vet 0 recon sweep but then probably add in some tech lock.
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    5 months ago
    AlfakofAlfakof Posts: 16

    I understand that the Major and the Officer differ in the time of the call. My indignation is caused by the fact that the increase in the cost of recon sweep is ARGUED by this Major, I would be calm if they increased it, because now it will become more accessible. If the cost is argued by the Major and increased, then let the availability from the veteran they make also from zero, this will also ARGUED by MAJOR, isn't it. But there is no, about this that the no one nothing not said.

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