How does USF gameplay feel to you?

5 months ago
To me in one word right now. (Sluggish)
As to what could be changed I'm sure their are many ideas out there.


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    5 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
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    I've said that they feel the least flexible before but I should elaborate a bit.

    Not that they are not flexible In Regards to weapons rack but even then brits have the ability to upgrade at a forward location, as a whole they just dont seem to have so many options especially in the early stages of the game when your options are rifleman and an officer or two unless you pick an early commander which I feel is also forced a bit due to this.
    Likely you will not be building a mortar in big team games that early as okw could easily overwhelm unless your ally builds mg guns to support or you need the rifleman to hold the line while your allies sniper works on enemy mg teams etcetra.

    Brits and soviets both have some form of flamethrower or scout car even snipers fairly early as well To help fend off kubelwagen or mg nests locked inside buildings perhaps even artillery call ins from british infantry. usf only have rifleman and a mortar option and someday to late a 75mm howitzer if you still have enough manpower by that time.

    Overall I think usf will winde up bleeding the most manpower before to long and options are limited until 3 mins into the game when your first officer arrives to unlock 1 support weapon while the other two or 3 units remains locked which further forces the problem of I already have rifleman.... I dont need more what i need are different options to confront new circumstances.
    Early games your likely to build 2 if not 3 rifleman but then with 2 officers that brings you to 5 mainline units way to easily and perhaps even unwillingly while if you even forgo both weapons racks and grenade tech to unlock both support weapons you may still very well be manpower starved and have as little as 1 bazooka to face something like a flame halftrack perhaps not even with a snare if you were unable to get good engagements.
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    5 months ago

    This conversation started here:
    With some more good points now brought up here by the OP. I've given my ideas already. Thank you.

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    5 months ago
    ClearCutClearCut Posts: 39

    Well think USF is still much too underpowered against OKW. Grenade upgrade should get USF snare on Riflemen.
    Luchs can take USF MG and 1 bazooka from officer is not quite enough to counter it. Stuart comes out too late and is imho to dependend on support so it's only good against half-track an sdkfz.
    RMs with snares that deal also damage like any other faction has should give USF a bit more counter abilities...

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    5 months ago
    I was trying to think of something simple for usf tech change and what about adding in mechanized battalion?
    Could have another name but mechanized battalion works I guess.

    It would look like this
    Grenade package 100mp 10f
    Weapon rack. 100mp 10f
    Platoon. 250mp 30f mech 50mp20f
    Company. 250mp 30f mech 50mp20f
    Battalion. 190mp 110f mech 100mp30f
    And mech unlocks Jackson.
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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872
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    There are problem in USF tech:

    • Side tech was a problem, now its cost has been decreased alot (in 2014 it was 450mp 55fuel total, now its 250mp 25fuel), so not count.
    • Lock between MG & AT is still the main weakness USF has. At least the AI & AT units are spread out between Lieu & Cap tech.
    • Free squads, this makes officer once incredible powerful become another version of RM when on field.

    My idea for USF tech:
    Make free squad locked behind Mechanized tech.

    Platoon: no more field in free Lieu 100mp 30fuel
    => Mechanized Platoon 100mp 35fuel
    .Lieu + 2 Zook (cost 350mp)

    Company: no more field in free Cap 100mp 30fuel
    .M1 pack
    => Mechanized Company 100mp 35fuel
    .Cap + 2 Bar (cost 350mp)

    Battalion: no more field in free Major 100mp 90fuel
    => Mechanized Company 100mp 30fuel
    .Major (cost 190mp)

    Since free squads are no more, which USF can not get free 800mp. So tech mp cost gets cheaper.
    If a player go for both Platoon & Company without its Mechanized, they still have various units that can help them in mid game. Rather than 500mp 70fuel for just MG & AT because it come with free Lieu/Cap
    Mechanized tech system will allow USF to get early Sherman, while Jackson still locked behind with retreat point Major.

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    5 months ago

    Its fun...

    Wish those Pathfinders were a little bit stronger though

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