Fix matchmaking... at least for Age of Empires 4...

4 months ago

Thats the least you can do... a decent matchmaking system..

No need to be always same godamn ELO or something like that... but at least make it somewhat compatible, instead of new players mixing with old players on one team and the other team full of veterans


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    4 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited February 22
    I think in future they would need to have a new system in place.
    Wouldn't be for this game but would be a nice implementation.

    I've seen other games take ingame stats into account. Let's say it takes Into account damage done kills and points captured
    You would be mvp of that game and even with a loss for that match depending on how well you had done your ranking would actually increase or remain the same instead of decrease as to seperate you from the rest.

    Also ya it would be nice to see the game try to atleast balance both sides if one gets a newer player so does the other.

    And the takeing of game stats into account would take those newer players and quickly acess skill differences between them so hopefully when each side gets said new player they are of roughly equivalent skill sets.
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    4 months ago
    Mike_VeMike_Ve Posts: 1

    I find it very funny when I, a noob and beginner in the game, am matched against the RANK 1 player with most factions.
    Just happened to me today and it was a waste of time. Too bad the matchmaking sucks so bad, cause the game is very nice otherwise.

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    4 months ago
    MikeyMikey Posts: 26

    well, its less the matchmaking itself, its more that there arent enough players in this game. would be more important to make a stable game.

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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 861

    @Mike_Ve You may get misunderstood between level and rank. Level tells how much people plays the game (1 is the least and 300 is the most), rank tells the skill (1 is the lowest, 20 is the highest)
    In game you can only see players' level, not rank.

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    3 months ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    I really feel this too, and it pains me to see how poor attention this game has from it's developers... they're still balancing yes but where are the commanders? bulletins? skins? where are the optimizations for the UI? Game still crashes now and then and that on top of poor matchmaking makes this whole thing feel partially abandoned.

    I know it's not easy... but it would attract more players if the game was updated constantly with new units and better visuals

    Seeing the official forums with posts from 4-5 years old is also sad... hopefully with the virus thing going around the world, will make more people play it and get more attention from devs.

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