[ALL] [Soviet] I would like to see the future of 2020.

3 months ago
Naya_TyanNaya_Tyan Russia Posts: 133

I was counting on a good patch. Balance of the game 2020 from the USSR.

  • Increase the damage of the IS-2 to 200-240. since he has a gun with 122mm and in the game he deals damage like SU-85, T-34-76 and T-34-85.
  • Increase the damage of the ISU-152 to 320 damage. Why do Elefant and Jagdtiger do 300-320 damage? although they have 128 and 88 mm. and ISU-152 weak damage on technology.
  • If you remove Conscripts rate of fire then reduce the cost of improvement from 50 to 35 ammo.
  • Give some improvement for the USSR Technique.
  • Change Conscripts 1 veteran ability Trip Wire Flares to "Extra Rifles"? Type SVT-40 or change the characteristic of Conscripts?

Plans for 2020.


  • Reduce cost to 220
  • From 6 people remove three Mosin rifles.
  • Increase damage to 16.
  • 1 veteran Trip Wire Flares will be replaced with "Extra Rifles."
  • The passive ability "Extra Rifles" gives three more Mosin rifles.
  • The accuracy does not change.
  • After improving the PPSh-41 Assault Kit, give them a combat grenade.

M3A1 Scout Car

  • Remove this technique from T1. Since it is not playable against Panzerfaus and AT Pupchen.
  • The Wehrmacht already has panzerfaust with the equipment of the enemy.
  • OKV already has BT Pupchen, flogged with enemy equipment.
    Replace it with BA-64 armored car.

New Unit BA-64

  • Cost 220/15
  • Armament DT-29
  • Damage 10
  • The accuracy is slightly higher as that of the "M5 USSR"
  • Has the ability to "Intelligence".
  • Has an upgrade to DShK-38 for 50 ammo, and rename it to BA-64D.

  • BA-64D

  • Arms DShK-38
  • Damage 16
    The characteristics are the same as that of the DShK-38 easel machine gun.

  • Unlocks the ability "Armor Piercing Rounds". for 15 ammo.

In 2013, the German SdKfz 221 / SdKfz 222 was not anti-aircraft. To make it anti-aircraft it was necessary to improve to 50 Ammo. Now she has passed the imba and M3A1 is not.

Think about this option?

Shock troops

  • Since they have armor, give them the passive ability "Bulletproof Vest".
  • A bulletproof vest reduces their damage taken by -20%.

Maxim Heavy Machine Gun

  • Give the opportunity to upgrade to DShK-38 (If there are Commanders with DShK-38)
  • Cost improvement 75 ammo.

BM-37 82mm Mortar

  • Give the opportunity to upgrade to PM-38 (If there are Commanders with PM-38)
  • Cost improvement 75 ammo.
  • For PM-38, increase damage from 80 to 120.


  • Make the "Light Artillery Barrage" ability free. As it was before.
  • Add "Artillery Smoke Shells".
  • Replace 1 veteran ability “Tracking” with “Camouflage technique”.

T-34-76 and T-34-85

  • Give an improvement in OT-34. Cost improvement 75 ammo. To improve must have commanders from the "Building KV-8"
  • Give an improvement to "Shielded Shields." The cost is 100/25. Must have commanders with "Vehicle Crew Self Repair".
  • Replace 1 veteran ability "Secure Mode" with "Improved Ram." Now after using "Ram" the main gun does not break.


  • Change characteristics when using "Focused Sight".
    "Focused Sight"
    -50% maximum speed.
    -100% sight range from the rear and stern.
    +40 sight range in front.
    Add a firing range of 10-15.

BM-13 "Katyusha"

  • Make a volley instant.
  • Add Fire Volley. Cost ability 50-75 Ammo.

Add more interest to the game.
1) Make all Population bins from 0 to 3.
So that there are not many bunker buildings near the Wehrmacht, OKW and the USA.

  • Normal bunker for 0 Population
  • Machine Gun Bunker, Refill and Heal Population increases to 3.

2) Add the capabilities of the Conscripts built by the Trenches.

  • The Soviet Trenches provides an opportunity to improve: For this, you need a commander with "Repair Kit for Conscripts".
  • 1) Upgrade the Trench to the "Machine Gun Nest" cost of 50-75 ammo.
  • 2) Upgrade the Trench to the "Mortar Nest" cost 50-75 ammo.

Add to the future change any Soviet Unit Commanders 2020.
1) "New" 85mm 52-K anti-aircraft gun. (Against medium tanks, firing range like all ATs)
2) "New" 25mm "72-K" automatic anti-aircraft gun (Against Aviation, Infantry and vehicles. Firing range Like British Boffars)


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    3 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 807

    Its abit too long but.
    IS2 damage. I will not complain if his gun isnt too low accuracy.
    Jad & Ele damage is 280. ISU is 240. Since ISU is dual role, can not buff its damage. Though I wish ISU become one role to make it more better at AI long range Heavy.

    Beside that:
    Cons: Those ideas are good, but I dont think it should be applied all. Alone 7th men buff already make them good. Cant image if give them all those option, they will be OP.
    Kat: Im sure its hard for Kat to actually whip, since they shoot 4rockets at a time with 3sec cooldown until the next one, for 4 times. But Kat is a good tool to deny Vic point capping.
    There are more but I will stop here

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    3 months ago
    MorisMoris Posts: 57

    Refer to the modmakers in the steam workshop or create your own mod. Your ideas do not take into account the balance of the game.

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