i tell you why soviet is the most powerful function

9 months ago

kv-1 hp:800;amor:270 reduce damage 20percent cost manpower 420 fuel 145
KV-8 hp:960 amor: 260 cost manpower 390 fuel 145
panzer iv : hp:640 amor:234 cost manpower 380 fuel 140
tiger : hp:1040;amor:300 cost manpower 640 fuel 230

other function antitank you kill 3 people it dies, soivet AT you should kill 5. HMG is 4 and 6.

sniper kill one wehrmacht people , it will panic ,kill two ,it will retreat
sniper kill one soviet people , i was bite by a mosquito?sniper kill two soviet people ,if i retreat , i am your son. sniper kill three soviet people , oh we still have three. sniper kill four soviet people, ok we retreat.

the soviet Mortar flare
Antitank light artillery barrage
SU85 focused sight
is so much powerful and no need commander or star to unlock.


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    9 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 883

    I think you should try get an MG42 crew vs Maxim crew fighting each other (the MGs dont face each other but different direction), let 3mems MG42 vs 5mems Maxim. You may amazed with MG42 crew's durable.

    I think you play OKW, since Ost Pz4 is 120fuel.

    Soviet Sniper is the slowest, since his targets are mostly 4mems. To be inline with Ost shooting at 5-6mems. Second that Soviet Snip has flare, Ost Snip has ability to remove blob at vet1. Try it.

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    9 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited February 23

    Wehrmacht can do pretty well vs soviets i think it is just a matter of your strategy.
    the only thing i might sorta agree with is snipers trying to take down all of those infantry models especially if they get the 7th man upgrade.
    though if you are hitting penal squads they will be losing a lot of manpower otherwise using 251 halftrack with flame upgrade is always a good option.
    and if you get sniper to vet 1 it can stun groups of squads with incendiary rounds nice with a supporting mg gun near you to let your sniper do some work and bleed enemy manpower.

    versing heavy tanks you have options of pack 40 which can use an ability to slow down tanks as well as the Stugg-G that can stun tanks at vet 1 similar to a firefly. Panzergrenadiers have double Panzershrecks which will be ok to help fend off kv1 at least better than okws sturmpioneers but not the kv8 even with pack 40 you will need a stugg-g or panther which would be enough to kill both of them.

    if you get your 251 halftrack vetted it can also place schu mines that damages inf or vehicles engine but is 30 munitions and cheaper than if ran over by the tellar mines 50 munitions or get the commander with the Riegel 43 mines also 50 munitions and just like the tellar only works on vehicles but the vehicle will be completely immobilized with this one much like the usf m6 mine for 60 munitions.

    mortar counter barrage can easily keep soviet mortars at bay.
    for vision you can use 222 scout car especially at vet 2 if you keep it alive giving a ton of vision or sniper though not quite as much vision can help get you vision on the su-85 that cant hurt him and 2 stugg-g should be able to push it back as they are cheap fast firing and have vet 1 stun ability or flank with the panther if no penal squads are nearby maybe even with a stugg-g stun shot.
    you can use stuka reconnaissance pass but smoke bombs can be used to gain vision as well as provide cover i prefer those.
    Tiger is good but not as good as panther vs heavily armored units so use this if a lot of heavies are building up with a stugg or two and a pack 40.
    Stuka close air support is a good option.
    Sector artillery is good vs anything inside your owned sectors not just tanks.
    vet 1 Brumbar bunker buster ability has a lot of range vs at guns or use two Panzerwerfers to quickly mop them up.

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    9 months ago

    Yeah... people here whine all the time about "OP" axis stuff...

    But Russians are ridiculously overpowered... The Satchel Charge that snares pretty much any tank...

    The 120mm mortar, etc...

    Dont even get me started about Clown Cars before Axis even get the chance to get some anti tank lmao

    The .50cal on the clown car is a freaking joke, the HMG too... MG42 are good for supression, but the difference is not that much, while the russians MG and the .50cal is riduculous, and even acts as anti tank.

    People talk about tanks and stuff... but even the allies mines are more powerful lol

    SU85 focused sight is absolutely ridiculous, and if used right will f

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    9 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 883
    Erm...I dont remember Maxim can act as anti tank. Only 50cal can. Though allow me to show this vid

    Snare has 10range, Sachel has 5range. Pretty much as you run into Penal to make it happens. I mean your tanks have 40range. There is no way they can walk 35range to sachel ur tank and ure not able to act during that time

    120mm is good only vs blob, the price is 50% higher than 82mm only to have better range and blast, not damage. Which is worse vs defense compare to 82mm

    I know Clown car with flame Engineer is good. Though can u give me a way to counter 4 Kubel on open field map as USF?

    Allies mines are so powerful.Okw mine is just exactly the same as Soviet and Brit mine.
    USF mine is like Smine field for tank that deal minor damage and stun
    - have u hear of Teller mine? It deals 480damage. Instantly kill any light tank or 75% hp medium.
    - have u try Smine field?

    The one good thing that only Soviet has is Focus sight. And it nerfed along time ago to make it harder to use
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    9 months ago
    Ya I agree clown car is hard to deal with.
    Same as usf trying to deal with kubel.

    If usf goes lieutenant then they can be punished hard by whermacht 251 with flamethrower since a 50cal and bazooka will easily be overwhelmed and the pack40/mg42 combo can hold off most anything.

    Could clown car be slowed down possibly but idk if possible since it is the munitions that controles this.
    But if you have a hard time with that then same goes for universal carrier.

    Whermacht would need earlier 222 but then they would come out as soon as or sooner than m20 which already has limited operational time.

    If you suspect a clown car though try haveing munitions and have a couple grenadiers ready with faust or better yet get the now earlier to make panzergrenadier and soon you will be able to get double shrecks on him to easily push it back for 40 munitions longer wait time after they spend their 60 and if you decide to get 222 on too of that your well set.
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    9 months ago
    MikeyMikey Posts: 29

    @38Lightning schrieb:

    If you suspect a clown car though try haveing munitions and have a couple grenadiers ready with faust...

    Where we have another problem only affecting axis. When like every 5th Panzerfaust or AT nade will fail for some reason only relic might know. Often enough that decided about an early battle.

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    9 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited February 26
    @Mikey ya but hopefully that is fixed with the updates.
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    9 months ago
    MikeyMikey Posts: 29
    edited February 27

    lol. it wont be. this bug is there since the beginning of coh2. like several other bugs.

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