Clown Cars before Axis has any AT

5 months ago

That should not happen...

The closes thing to a clown car the axis has, is the 250 and it takes at least 55 fuel to build plus in order to be useful needs PzGrens or something like that which takes a long time to build...

And besides, by that time all allies have snare, when clown cars comes axis dont have any AT except Rakketen for the OKW


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    5 months ago
    By the time they have 60 munitions for a flamethrower you should have possibly vet machine guns with incendiary rounds and grenadiers with faust or if you are trying to push for a 251 halftrack the ability to build pack 40 since you have to wait a little bit more anyway to get the 90 munitions for your flame upgrade so dont build it right away or get the 222 instead.

    Their engineers have a much shorter range than the 251 halftrack so they cant get close enough to hit you without being in range of panzerfaust.
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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872

    For Ost. Its the point of faction design since 2013 between Soviet vs Ost to make each side has great advantage with their units.
    Clowncar - 222/FlameHT - T70 - Stug - T34 - Pz4

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