game requires heavy vpn .... did relic just ban my countrys ip address?

5 months ago

before we begin i have 800 hrs coh2 and 400 hrs on coh1 steam version and overall 1k coh2 and 2k coh1 , which means im an old player and supporter of relic but now they decided to ban iranian players?for what ? a stupid relation between 2 governments? we paid for this game and didn't let it die and this is what we get ? only ashles ban a whole country and i didnt expect it from relic . this has to be fixed now .


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    5 months ago

    Its a shame...

    honestly... Relic doesnt ban people for teamkilling, but bans them from being from another country...

    Thats a very racist xenophobic behaviour from a company that likes to say thats "multicultural" and diverse in their websites...

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