REPORT FOR TEAMKILLING!!!!! At least give us a feedback on reports...

5 months ago
Freak2805Freak2805 Posts: 31
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If you read the reports, please send us a feedback...

Its quite annoying having that one dude ruin the game experience, wasting time to report him, gatter all the pictures and stuff.... and not hearing a word from mods and stuff...


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    5 months ago

    Ill start reporting here too...

    Because im tired of theses pieces of sh... teamkilling in this game, and not getting banned.

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    5 months ago

    And if it keeps going on like this, ill do what i did the last time that actually worked... ill message Sega and get in touch with them...

    Is it really that hard to actuall ban these people ?

    Really tired of every now and then some piece of sh.. ruin the game experience by doing so...

    And at least give us an email that "works" to report... seems like im sending emails to a fictional email instead of a real one.. no answer no explanation whatsoever.

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    5 months ago
    MikeyMikey Posts: 27

    what was the name of the guy? "ash" or "blob"?

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    5 months ago
    Freak2805Freak2805 Posts: 31
    edited February 26

    The picture didnt upload btw...

    It was JerkTurk

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    5 months ago

    Thing is.. i sent an email with all pictures, with the SteamID everything... no reply... And no report ever gets a reply saying if they read of something like that... something like "Thanks for reporting bla bla it will be taken into consideration or reviewed etc... "

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    5 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 872
    edited February 26

    I and my friend C1 had a frustration over a player (forgot the name, but lets tell his name is "Albert")

    Match 1:
    Albert paired with C1 on the right side, he lose most of his units and blamed C1, dropped from the game. (he did the least damage)

    Match 2:
    Met that Albert guy again. And again we were losing, he blamed us and started to team kill us. (again he did the least damage)

    Match 3:
    A new 2 guys (lets tell their name are Bart & Cooper) matched with us, Bart left the match right at the start. So I and C1 leave the game, because AI Allies has no chance to win.

    Match 4:
    Albert & Cooper matched with us. Albert kept order to do this and do that. We just got our units follow Albert's troop. Cooper thought we are just trollers (because we leave on Match 3 and didnt play on Match 4) and team kill us. Albert be like "why u make people hates u so much?"

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    5 months ago


    People who dont know how to play the game, and start trolling because their "shi t" strategy didnt work...

    And the worst thing is, you try to explain why you do what you do... they get mad and troll anyways...

    But what pisses me the most is the silence from the moderators... no excuse for that...

    Usual unpunished behaviour in this game's comunity... quite ironic when they put "comunity guidelines" and thats about it... no actions regarding the people who troll for fun...

    either make a "ranked" game, where things are more "serious" or take some action against people who troll all the time.

    Its just annoying and its making me reconsider buying Age 4 ( been playing age since 2 when i was a child )

    Lets not even get started on CoH3 if there ever is one... right now playing CoH2 is not fun...

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    5 months ago
    @Freak2805 oh dont worry I'm sure whe. You play age of empires some troll will wall you inside your base.
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    5 months ago
    MikeyMikey Posts: 27

    well, you can see they banned alot of people. its just sad, that they wont show the names anymore, for some reason. i could imagine relic snowflakes want to save their privacy or whatever.

    heres the list.

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