Stuttering (single frametime spikes) in COH2

5 months ago
VincVinc Posts: 2
edited February 29 in General Discussion

Hi, i have 5700xt, ryzen 3600, 16gb ram, good SSD, clean updated windows10, latest chipset and gpu drivers. I run this game in 2k with everything maxed out except antialiasing is OFF. Game runs in 1v1 at 120-150fps on normal gameplay and cca 70fps when i change camera to look at whole map (aka first person perspective). Problem is, that every game i get stuttering. It is short freeze (roughly 0.1-0.5 sec), during which fps go rougly to half and RTSS (software for fps cap and measurement) shows one huge frametime spike. It does this more at the start of match and it is connected to some action i do, for example clicking on building or moving camera. I have tried all kinds of different video and sound settings, but nothing helped. Do you guys have same problem? Any idea what is the cause? I experienced something similar in Source games like Portal 2 and CSGO. Only thing that helped, was capping fps to something low like 60.

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