Counter to pak/mg42 combo as USF?

4 months ago

Just curious as to the best way to counter this with USF? MG locks down my infantry while the pak stops tanks. He had multiple mg42s guarding the area too so i couldnt really effectively flank with inf. My mortar wasnt a reliable counter and kept getting picked off by his. I did my best to move around the map, and I captured the points where he wasnt at, got him down to 200 vp to my 400, but then a tiger came out, and my sherman and TD were struggling against his tiger and pz4, plus he was really good about moving his AT with the tanks, so I was really struggling to even engage with the tanks in the first place, and at that point the mgs werent really necessary because the tiger and pz could just decimate my inf while the paks took care of my armor. So then the mgs would go to the other point and stop my infantry from capping in the areas where he wasnt very strong at. I just surrendered at this point cause even though I was up 200 vp, i didnt really know what I could do about his overwhelming strength.

So just curious as to the best way to counter the mg42 and pak early/mid game so I can try to dominate the match before the tiger even rolls out. Smokes? Pack Howitzer (or other arty units)? Any advice is appreciated.


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    3 months ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    I'm not sure if you mean the regular PAK40 or the bigger PAK43

    In both cases you can use Pack Howi or I personally like to go for Scott (Howitzer Motor Carriage) because it's basically a mobile howitzer that can deploy smoke and barrages, PackHowi it's quite a good decision as well but since you said they would push you, it might not be a good idea have a Tiger or P4 push against your PackHowi, that's why I suggest HMC because it's more mobile and can shoot in the move.

    Another tactic you can use is bait your enemy tank into a mine so it can't run away and you can finish off with a TD like Jackson from afar, he would be forced to aid their retreating tank and will probably focus on that, there you can try to focus indirect fire to try to take them down from a safe distance.

    Easier said than done but that's how I can think of it

    Also depends on the doctrine you picked, Sherman Calliope can be a good alternative that can finish everything in 1 volley or even 105mm Sherman will kill MGs and Paks out of position with ease, also you can deploy smoke and then shoot ground.

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