Winter Balance 1.3 feedback

2 months ago

Silly parts of the update: the late game boost is quite silly (OST is strong late as it is), the pershing nerf is quite silly (low armour, normal HP (for a heavy tank) that should excel at hunting down infantry).
Neutral: Jackson nerf (Jackson was in a good spot so it was uncalled for but ok), Sturmtiger (both tiger and sturm take a lot of pop so it's no big deal), conscript nerf (they should only be used as a reinforce squad to fill the ranks of other units, so lots of micro when retreat is done)
Good: Target size, Tiger buff.

Why are you nerfing the squad wipes? You are trying to mirror every faction/unit. Pershing should punish tight crowds of infantry at any range. Don't be lazy about the balances. The balance team has an increasing tendency of "in line with" ... basically take the units, recolor and rename then and viola, balance. Same unit, different faction. The whole "more in line with" mantra is getting seriously ridiculous.... Cookie-cutter business model...

The rest of the update is mediocre I guess...just stop making things "more in line" with... only removing the uniqueness of units/factions.

And... put some more thought into the balance brainstorm. I know you can't be impartial and fully objective (You will subconsciously try to buff your favorite units/faction, it's a normal, human thing to do), but please play all factions before you engage the balance work.


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    2 months ago
    ClearCutClearCut Posts: 39

    I agree to your statement that more in line with is quite not the way how balance is going a good road...
    If this is the road:
    USF and UK needs a regular rocket/arty tank. SOVS and USF would need a regular heavy tank..
    Allies need regular 60DPS units....

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    2 months ago

    I think M36's armor should be still 130. It have chance to bounce off normal Pz4's Shell in all Range Very Low rate(125~105 pen) is acceptable at its cost(400/145/16). and it have same target size with pershing(X24). and even M10 Wolverine and Achilles should have Lower Target size than shermans. so M10s should be buffed Target size to X18~X20.

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