Brits are OP!

4 months ago

I never played as Brits before, but oh lord did I have fun with them past 4-5 matches...


First of all... the M10 Achiles is absolutely OP! I mean its base pen its not really that good, but for 80 fuel that's good enough, hes pretty fast, has good range and can take a few hits... Plus its HVAP is good enough to kill KT...

Plus.. for the price of one KT you can get 3 Achiles basically ( fuel wise ) and flank him and kill him pretty easy ( managed to get a couple KTs like this...

AVRE and Crocodile are absolutely monstrous ( much better than SturmTiger ), id say hetzer is good because of armor, but lacks damage tbh... compared to Crocodile and KV

the AA tank... absolutely mad lad... the best thing is that its the only "viable" counter to Obers from what I noticed... if OKW goes Obers "spam" just get one of those and push a bit.

The Firefly is good enough...

Havent used the other tanks as much, the Churchill really tanks a lot of hits too so... yeah


Those first infantry dudes pack a punch and have pretty good accuracy, in 5 men squad they are pretty good defending. And that Red Smoke thing is absolutely ridiculous OP

The Commandos are also really good, maybe not as good as PZGren ( im used to them ) but they are good enough id say... The Smoke, the grenade everything really good, and kinda "cheap" considering everything

Then we have the Brens etc... PIAT kinda sucks, but that's ok... Brits don't get their AT from infantry anyways..

EMPLACEMENTS: Oh dear... if well used these are really good, the pounder specially, many people don't even expect them and rush with tanks... a Pounder and a couple of Achiles can do a lot of damage...

Bofors its ridiculous against inf... but the best thing is denying Axis any recon planes etc..

Mortar pit is also really really good with the crazy range...

Overall its pretty OP, and id say in team games they absolutely shine... and they are way better than OKW or OST for team games...

Don't know why people whine so much about them not being OP


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    4 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 861

    They barely have choice in mid game. Either light armor AEC that easily beaten by Puma, or Bofor gets beaten by mortar. Beside that, MG, ATgun, Tommy, Sapper, Sniper are the main units they have until late game.

    In team game however, Brit is strong since they can actually skip tech (dont upgrade Bofor or AEC which save 70-100fuel) and go directly to Medium tech. This explain why Brit gets tank so early in team game.

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    3 months ago
    maldonmaldon Posts: 55

    coronavirus is op

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