3 months ago

When in the lobby, searching for a game, the radar goes around like normal (but with lag spikes) three times and then kicks me back to the home screen mentioning 'You have been disconnected'. This has never happened to me before.

What I did to resolve this:

  • updated all drivers and graphics card
  • lowered settings ingame
  • put coh on all possible whitelists
  • shut down my firewall, no effect
  • shut down my firewall in the router
  • restarted the router
  • shut down virusscanner, no effect
  • reinstalled the game
  • all ports are open
  • ticked all options in the technical assistance post, no effect
  • https://coh2-lobby.reliclink.com/gam...on/checkstatus ["ok"]

I have a couple of 1000 hours in this game and played last Thursday with no problems at all. Haven't changed any settings since then. Can someone please help?



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