why I feel sorry for the community, not Relic.

7 months ago

Version 1.1 Changes/ Version 1.2 Changes etc
Since it's release I have been playing the game.
I watched patches, changes... and people leaving disappointed.
I was disappointed, it passed away.what was missing?!?
there was never a balance:
The USF matches the germans, the UKF - slow and clumsy, the USSR - exotic (fun) and weak and
ze Germans - Mein Gott - you can beat them like drum till mid game. the only thing they have to do is keep accumulating fuel for their OP tanks.
Yesterday lone Panther stepped on a mine eat AT grenade, AT gun shell and disappeared in the fog of war - alive!
One of my opponents commented on this: "yep, the balance is toward the axis. we played couple of games, got annoyed and started playing the axis"

The Axis was made to dominate the game - with Wehrmacht you can lock areas with HMG nests, healing stations as non-doctrinal ability.German HMG ark is the widest,
the HMG comes straight out of the HQ (some will say the Vickers comes straight out the same way - which one HMG will you pick,
if you can, if is the same!?!)
Panzergrenadiers are so strong and versatile - a pack of 3 with Panzerschrecks can wipe the battlefield clean from any unit.
perhaps you tight ark HMG might stop them, but flanking is always fun...

for OKW I will cite LUVNEST: "I feel that OKW is so straight forward, that you don't need any strategic thinking"

to make the long story short: an axis players can win the game without picking any doctrine.
USF is pretty similar - at least one allied nation is fine... perhaps the dev's are american patriots.
With the other nations you have to choose very wisely your faction.

why I feel sorry for the community!?!
relic will never balance the game because will lose the remaining players who are still bearing the remnants of it's failure.

they will not nerf the Panthers or PZ IV's to teach the players that they have to protect their tanks.
nor will make the Comet as tough as it should be for a so expensive (produced Dec.1944) tank.
The brits will still crawl despite any upgrades.
Russian tanks will still be made of tin.
I can go on and on, but you,who are reading this, know very well this all.

There will be no balance.
as this will hurt the player who are looking for EZ victory.
relic don't want to lose them too.
The match making will still be putting in one game teamed axis players against random allies.
the latter will feel deceived and will uninstall the game.
and soon the game will fade away.


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    7 months ago
    MikeyMikey Posts: 29

    sounds like some typical allies player crying. all that stuff goes vice versa. for example just ram any german tank with the t34 and its almost half dead. could go on with all the other stuff but as i said. it looks like youre one of those who complain all the time about axis so the devs will make them worse and worse. if you would say elephant or jagdtiger are kinda op, i would understand that, but even they can be countered.

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    7 months ago
    maldonmaldon Posts: 55

    my poor disobey , your post is very fair, i am a big player of coh. I tried to alert the relic team, AND ... NOTHING. There is such an imbalance regarding 3v3 and 4v4. it is an obvious observation, but for them ... NO.
    the jag and the elefant are so ..... cute
    don't get tired, it's over

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    6 months ago

    to see the game is balance or not all they have to do see whats happening in the LEVEL 8-10 players not the top 20, the game is so unbalance now. After game i always check the stats of the players. Somehow a player with level 14 wermach is level 8 with brits ? :D now you can say its only the player if you see this one or two times, but i am talking about masses ! you put a level 8 usa or UKF against Level 8 OKW they have no chance ! not at all ! Is it that difficult to understand the game is unbalance ? THEY ONLY LOOKING AT TOP 20 PLAYERS IF THEIR WIN OR LOSE NOT CHANGED THEY SAID THE GAME IS PERFECTLY BALANCED!!! The relic will lose people eventually. and whats with all the glitches ? all the faults they only seem to be on soviet ?

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