Game balance of 4v4 is severe

6 months ago

Elephant and Jagdtiger are too strong in 4v4 3v3.
I fought 4vs4 today. It was proceeding smoothly. But it was reversed after the elephant started to appear.
I don't say that I should lose the elephant. The Allies need the same heavy tank destroyer

Honestly, the US and British forces have a hard time fighting Elephant and Jagdtiger.
Why are there heavy tank destroyers only on the German side?
Allies should also be handed over to heavy tank destroyers.
U.S. Army T95 and British Army Tortoise
For a fair balance, you should deploy the same for both sides.

By the way, I am not a beginner. I have been playing COH2 for 3000 hours.
I'm not good at English. I use google translation.


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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 880

    Brit has Comet with war speed so ok
    USF, if u play USF keep in mind either u win before 20min or never win

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    6 months ago
    VampirePrinceVampirePr… Posts: 50

    I agree that IF AXIS have elements of such Hard Lategame tech, other nations should have it also accessible @Anyamaru

    2ndly, as sad the thing is, I agree that USF you either win by 20 or you don't win, since all of your tanks can take around 4 regular AT shots at best (while Tigers can take ridiculous amount and walk away like nothing happened) and same can be said about Ferdinand and Jagtiger...

    I've posted a thread about turning all these heavies into regular non Commander pick units (aside the highly specialized ones) to provide all nations with Tech Rush openings, while also punishing them for lack of mid lategame (which should be punished by making these units furthermore painful to manage and loose... Comparing Tiger to a Pershing is a whole new level of a tank that needs management and safe deployment upon enemy lines, since he can't take too many shots and does provide the much needed utility unlike Tiger counterpart who can tank shots like no tomorrow and get away from most stupid decisions)

    Here is the link so give me your opinion buddy :smiley:

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    6 months ago
    C3ToothC3Tooth Posts: 880

    Tiger can take 7 hits, with double armor than most of Allies tanks.
    Premium Medium can take 5 hits, but since TDs buff, Panther is the only Pre-Med can take 6 hits.

    As for me, lower armor but more HP is easier to estimate the time to retreat, than high armor and low HP.

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    6 months ago
    maldonmaldon Posts: 55

    I have written many posts regarding this problem.
    I am, like you, a big player of coh2 essentially 3v3 and 4v4.
    we know the game better than relic, no it's not a joke. we're just saying there is a problem, the German faction dominates 3v3 4v4.
    it is a simple mathematical observation.
    yes, we lose a lot of match when the elefant and the jag come
    yes some map we are very unfavorable, and the rush sturm with support of mg 42 at the start of the game .....
    I'm willing to do the next patch, and we're going to have fun again.
    the most pathetic is that guys always play the same game
    part 1: blob, jag, arty, part; 2 blob, spam mg 42, elefant, part 3: jag and .... elefant.
    I'm the only one playing with the partisans, the only one playing with all the commanders, because I play for the fun.
    you have guys, veterans, like me, it's been 10 years that he plays the same game. 10 and that they make the elefant, really.
    the German faction is perfect for them, it matches their mentality.

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    6 months ago

    @maldon I completely agree with you, since some openings are so generic and stupidly easy that make RTS part of this game questionable, while someone needs cover and planning and actual position planning, there is always that one guy who buys 4 panzergrens and fusiliers or fallshirms and calls it skill, only to wait for tiger.

    I personally LOVE partisans, commandoes, heck, I love Sturmtroopers alot and love making traps and flank maneouvers with them, and I am sorry for so little people utilizing these highly specialized boys :smile:

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    6 months ago
    XalloXallo Posts: 17

    Yeah, the problem is in particular that Paks hardly survive in late game because of the strong ai power of the axis (for example Werfer, Stuka, Obersoldaten, Tiger etc.) and you cant hardly fight with alli tank-hunters against jg or ele

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    6 months ago
    38Lightning38Lightni… Posts: 512
    edited April 27
    Yup I can easily agree with everyone here.
    And as usf i end up spending more time repairing my tanks than actually useing them.
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    6 months ago
    lordpeter3lordpeter3 Posts: 347

    4v4 and 3v3 late game is fine for all factions, excelpt indee UFS thats because they dont have stock heavy infantry, stock arty, stock tanks with decent armour, or stock actually good MH's. And the list goes on. Most factions ahve a long list of great units. USF does not. Only their paratroopers and Jacksons are okay.

    3v3 and 4v4 late game balance is ok, but uSF could indeed use a buff.

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