Assault Infantry Section Icon

6 months ago

The new icon for the Assault Infantry Section is horrible and doesn't fit the game.
It have the Infantry Section icon with "SMG" written on top of it, in a terrible font. Like what? Why? The old icon were perfectly fine.
There is not a single unit with things written on their icon.

Their description when checking the Lend Lease Tactics commander is also poorly written.


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    6 months ago
    LeviLevi Posts: 4
    edited April 11

    You sound too angry, but essentially you are right. It seems that people, who were in charge of making this patch have forgotten that online players are not the only ones wo play this game. And that by adding cheap graphic changes for the sake of quick balance adjustments they are killing the game for those, who play it recreationally. You can't really suspend the disbelief now, as para officer walks among tommies and pretends he's not a paratrooper anymore, even despite his red beret and insignia. It all looks like a rookie-made mod now.

    Community patches (and community patch it is) shoud be released parallel to the core game, not replace it.

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    6 months ago
    Tiber_SeptimTiber_Sep… Posts: 2
    edited April 12

    I didn't mean to sound too rude but the visual and description changes really looks like a low effort mod, like you mentioned, and they were forced down our throats. I'm not even questioning or complaining the balances of units or changes in their roles. It's nice to give a few changes to status, abilities and capabilities. I just did not understand the need to change the Assault Infantry Section icon into something that does not even match with any other unit icon in the game.

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