Why is the SU100 not available for the Soviets?

3 months ago

Less than 100 Jagdtigers were ever built
Less than 100 Elefants ever existed
Less than 20 SturmTigers ever existed.

Over 2000 "Tiger Killer" SU100's were built but are absent from this game.

I think having an SU100 'upgrade' to the standard SU85 would be very nice. OR a dedicated SU100 unit. It would be a nice counterbalance to the overpowered Axis super heavies (as the JS has been recently nerfed - and it was never particularly effective in the first place - and the JSU is a complete waste of resources).

In any case, the super heavy Axis vehicles are ridiculous. I have in the past had direct hits with 240mm on an Elephant and it resulted in zero damage to the vehicle.

Its interesting to review the Winter 2020 updates and they are all nerfs for the allies, and all buffs for the Axis. I dont even play Axis because they are ridiculously overpowered.

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