Last update removal

3 months ago

Is there a way to remove the last update and still play the game offline?
thanks in advance.


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    3 months ago
    ReichadlerReichadler Posts: 17

    I have just put a poll up here for that very same thing.

    Can we have a roll back or at least an option in the STEAM BETA section to remove this patch please? 1000s of us just play against the AI & now the UK AI is fecked. I want to roll back before this patch & am going to cease updating this game. These patches are making it more unstable & seem to be serving one small group's play style & philosophies over what was once a fairly stable & playable game.

    There seems to be no clear direction for the game & it is just being changed for change sake... things that were out-of-balance are changed & then months later another bunch of things have to be changed to rebalance.

    This is patch now in the realm of moding.

    There are pages of unresolved bugs that just get ignored, or whole features removed from the game because they can't be fixed. Patches are for bug fixes. This patch adds more broken things than it fixes.

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