Why does the British have no artillery?

6 months ago
AnyamaruAnyamaru Posts: 4
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In 4v4 battle.
The British have a hard time fighting enemy MG42 and mortars with le.IG 18.
The UK has no conventional mobile mortars or artillery,
From the first half to the second half, you will struggle with the enemy MG42 and the mortar.
This time, despite British adjustments, there is no fundamental mortar, so things remain the same.
The Universal Carrier can only be active when the enemy has no anti-tank gun in the first half.
In the midfield, your MG is easily attacked by enemy mortars and becomes unilateral. It is difficult to beat the opponent MG42.
Since there is no mortar, it cannot be counterattacked and will be unilaterally fired by enemy mortars and le.IG 18.
Even if you use AEC to eliminate MG42, it will be severe if the enemy has an anti-tank gun.
The British have a mortar base. It is easily destroyed by a counterattack.
I don't see anyone using mortar positions.

Even in the second half, there is no artillery, so fighting MG42 is tough. either attacking with a tank or bombing a commander. So the commander's choice is Royal Artillery or Lend Lease. Choices become narrower.
Germany is free to choose a commander. Elephant? Tiger? leFH 18?
Everyone should try 4v4 using the British Army. Defeating MG42 and mortar is hard.
Why doesn't Britain have artillery? .
Germany has artillery. Normal mortars and le.IG 18. SdKfz 251 and Panzerwerfer 42.
Normal artillery should be deployed to both sides for fairness.

I'm not good at English. I use google translation.


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    6 months ago
    TgnTgn Posts: 1

    I will tell you this much, dealing with well placed mgs is hard for everyone in the early game. And if you ever tried getting a british MG out of a house you will know suffering.

    As Brits you can just drive an Assault Infantry section on top of the MG42 with your Universal Carrier, unload them and watch the MG troops melt like Butter in a Volcano.

    The german Mortar can be quite annoying and will kill quite a bit of manpower with time, if left alone, but never really too dangerous if you look out for your troops and move them if needed.

    Especially in team games a well placed and defended Mortar Emplacement is extremely strong. The double mortar shots regularly wipe enemy squads and you can force your enemys hand as they will probably have to invest a lot of resources and attention in trying to deal with it. Just dont go overboard with the buildings.
    Try playing as Axis and you will find out for yourself how hard it can be to destroy.

    Saying that brits have no Artillery has to be a bad joke, even your tommys can be upgraded to call down artillery strikes and (especially in 4v4) the land matress is just insane.
    Lets see what other choices do you have? Mortar Pits, howitzers, Sexton, USF Mortar, and I dont know how many call ins
    If nothing else works you can still ask your USF Or soviet teammates to support you with a mortar or a smoke or sth.

    Britains have a lot of commanders with different ways to deal with MGs. Assault Infantry with UC like stated above, or pop some infiltration commandos from an ambient building, smoke raid, call in some artillery, or just flank it and use grenades like everybody else.

    Yes, Germans have some tools of their own. The Wehrmacht Mortar is nice, and OKW's Stuka zu Fuß is really strong.
    Panzerwerfer though is by far the most usless waste of fuel and manpower in the entire game.

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    6 months ago
    FaxFax Posts: 96

    Also tommies with Pyrotechnics upgrade can call in off-map smoke now, so there you have an option to flank an MGs or bunkers.
    AEC or Cromwell are also good options against infantry and Support weapons since both have smoke abilities

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