UKF Horsa HQ Glider - Suggestion

6 months ago

Hello everyone, just a minor suggestion

At the moment, HQ Glider that costs 200 Manpower is nothing more than a call in forward barracks... That with further investment of 200 Manpower (and tooltip that displays nothing) unlocks retreat point and releases 3 medics...

Basically, this is quite a niche ability at the moment since most of the time, only reason why you would want to call it in is either as quick reinforce point on frontline that will be destroyed in few seconds after that assault is done, or as an expensive backline forward base that has high cost route to Commanders (total of 540 for combined glider and commandoes) or high cost retreat point that will be both medic supplemented and big as an plane itself (which again is somewhat unnecessary with regular medics introduced and generally building an Forward Assembly and sending medic squad is sometimes more handy)

My suggestion would be, in order to keep its uniqueness:

200 Cost Manpower landing HQ Glider with automatically popping out 3 medics (and in case they die, after a while to ofc, replace them), to provide it as a quick 200 forward base and target of opportunity and choice for enemy to take down...

Since nowadays OKW Flammen Commander has an ability to call in a truck for similiar price and little bit of fuel, that can reinforce, buffs and heals in aura, why shouldn't this glider have 3 medics come out automatically on landing, to provide on spot support to the frontline, such as this supply truck?

Otherwise, this glider HQ insertion is quite unnecessary unless a person is trying to get commanders or maybe some quick frontline support (which again is quite rare since combined cost will be over 500).

I am looking forward to suggestions :)

(also, the tooltip in the game for forward base upgrade on HQ glider is blank, like fix this bug pls xD)


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    6 months ago

    Also there seems to be a bug, with HQ glider landing destroyed... Like quite literally, it lands completely destroyed... I know this sounds weird, but I've never had any type of glider fly around the map and then land destroyed, even on fully reddish territory ( but ended seriusly damaged)...

    I've noticed enemy OKW had an Gepard on field, and used it as AA gun... I believe that it was reason for this crash with 0 health landing, and if thats the case, then calling in horsa HQ gliders will be impossible later on due to the fact it first circles on map... Furthermore, if Fallshirms who are also plane dropped do not die and plane is untargetable, i think horsas should be untargetable also since they are actually unit insertion...

    And as for glider itself... it really is not that hard to destroy, even if it lands in middle of a warzone...

    This bug with landing destroyed, was noticed only and mainly since release of the patch, so I believe its related since i've been using commandoes and airlanding officer since forever... and never had that happen...

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