Soviet Industry Commander

6 months ago

I want to open this discussion regarding this commander, I think this commander is great already but I can't avoid noticing is somehow redundant, I'm not saying useless by any means but could be much better since I rarely see it used.

My only complaints with this commander is that it has 2 redundant abilities, which are basically Crew Repairs and KV8

I do think this doctrine has quite the synergy with the vehicles as the supply drop can help with the fuel income to get your tanks faster which is the KV8 and KV2.
You already have great AI with KV2/KV8 which both are great to have, but why 2 AI heavy tank? With this doctrine you can only find the Repair Stations, which are also extremely useful for you and teammates, no complaints, you don't have elite infantry because you already have good AI options but why have Crew Repairs? which cost munitions and makes the vehicle immobile until finished or stopped by the player (not to mention they become so vulnerable even if they get hit by infantry which makes them enter combat and you can't deactivate the ability until it's out of combat, I think deactivation should still be available either way... what's the point of spending munitions on your tank if it's so vulnerable to combat when you can just back to a safe spot near your base where you have more likely placed a Repair Station?) As I said, I think it's a bit redundant to have both repairs like these.

I'd suggest either changing the Crew Repairs for something more useful or just improving the repair speed of the ability to make it worth using if crew is so vulnerable.

Maybe KV8 can be switched for T34-85 to fit the theme of the doctrine... or can leave the KV8 but then exchange KV2 for ISU-152 to have some AT option for late game (but that'll leave KV2 in 1 doctrine only so that's a problem)

Maybe a direct strike ability can be added, like IL-2 Sturmovik Attacks (like on Armored Assault) but only hit vehicles since you already have AI tanks (Basically suggesting the equivalent of Stuka Close Air Support of Wehrmacht) I think that could be too much but planes can still be countered (not like AT Overwatch), still, that'll make you choose between Fuel income (Air Supply) and this offensive ability

I just think this doctrine has too much AI and no AT at all, but that's just my opinion.

I want to see what you guys think about this, and if you agree, what do you suggest?


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